Aside from his role in the latest Avengers film, Peter Dinklage is quite known for giving everyone the real feels, thanks to his effective portrayal of Tyrion Lannister. This well-loved character is one of those given with the best lines and interesting political machinations on Game of Thrones. If you have some serious GOT separation anxiety (especially that they are now filming the last season) well, here are 10 of Tyrion Lannister best moments in GOT that could save you:

1. He rose up despite being hated by his own family.

The Imp is a dwarf whose mom died giving birth to him and is basically hated by his clan. His father Tywin is his biggest hater. Despite the adversaries, he treads on to prove that he can become a rightful person to sit on the iron throne.

2. What he lacks in height, he makes up for in his intellect.

Everyone knows he is vulnerable because of his height and yet, he never lets this get in the way. Tyrion uses his intellect so the wicked can be punished and help the people who are discriminated against. Because of this nature, he was kind to the Stark children which infuriated his family even more.

3. He was falsely accused despite his kindness.

While he is kind to the Stark children, this didn’t stop Catelyn from accusing him of sending an assassin to kill Bran. He tried to tell her the truth and yet, he was never listened to. Using his intellect, he proposed a trial by combat to prove his innocence. A sellsword named Bronn served as his champion who eventually won the trial and earned him his freedom.

tyrion lannister best moments in GOT

4. He formed a ragtag band of soldiers.

When he returned to King’s Landing, he created a ragtag band of soldiers made of sellswords and wild hillmen when he joined Tywin Lannister in the War of the Five Kings.

5. When he fell in love…

Tyrion encountered a prostitute named Shae. He fell deeply in love with her. When he married Sansa, Shae became his father and sister’s tool to hurt him. In order to protect her, he berated her and ordered to go far away from King’s Landing.

6. He became the Hand of the King.

When Joffrey executes Ned Stark and started a war throughout Westeros, Tywin made Tyrion the Hand of the King. He took over day-to-day governing of King’s Landing. He also disciplined Joffrey when he went too far.

tyrion lannister best moments in GOT

7. Using his strategic plan, he saved King’s Landing.

King’s Landing came under attack at the Battle of Blackwater, he used his resources to lay a trap of unquenchable wildfire to evade the invaders. It didn’t come easy though because he was seriously wounded in the battle when one of Joffrey’s Kingsguard tried to kill him. However, he survived the attack.

8. He married Sansa upon orders of Tywin.

It was so unlikely but Tywin forced Tyrion to marry Sansa Stark to keep her close to the Lannisters. They formed an uneasy friendship yet they never consummated their marriage.

tyrion lannister best moments in GOT

9. He was falsely accused yet again for killing King Joffrey.

King Joffrey insisted that Tyrion became his cupbearer during his wedding to Margaery Tyrell. He belittled him and, when he was handed the cup, he succumbs to poison in front of everyone. Tyrion was naturally accused of murder and was arrested. To make things worse, Shae gave false testimonies, saying he and Sansa conspired to murder Joffrey. Finally releasing his repressed rage, he delivered one of the greatest GOT speeches. He wished death upon everyone and demanded a trial by combat. Unfortunately, his champion was killed and he was condemned to be executed.

10. He avenged his broken heart.

Before he could be executed, Jaime and Varys broke him out of the Red Keeper’s dungeon. He went to his father’s room where he found Shae in his father’s bed. She attacked him but he was able to kill her. He also killed his father with a crossbow while sitting on the privy. Talk about avenging a broken heart.

tyrion lannister best moments in GOT

What could be waiting for Tyrion in GoT’s last season?