Food is one of the basic necessities of life. We work to be able to eat. We eat to give energy to our body and let it remain fully functional. Without food, it will be impossible to reach one’s goals and aspirations. If you think about it, food has a far-reaching impact in one’s life.

While foods are important for our health, you actually don’t need to spend a fortune on it. There’s a lot of budget-friendly meals with enough nutrients for the body. However, you still can’t ignore the fact that there are expensive food items around the world that perhaps only billionaires can afford. These food items are more valuable because of their novelty.

Here is a list of the world’s most expensive food items:

Foie Gras

most expensive foods in the world

Foie gras is definitely the most expensive food items in the world. Just a pound of it can oftentimes fetch around a hundred dollars. Foie gras is basically just the liver of a duck (goose can be an alternative) which has been fattened.

White Truffles

most expensive foods in the world

White truffles are typically found in Italy. They can fetch a price of as high as 7000 euros per kilogram. It isn’t visually appealing but its taste is superb. Ideally, white truffles should be served as soon as harvested as it will not taste as good when cooked. Learn more about white truffles to for an enriched experience.

Black Truffle

most expensive foods in the world

If the white truffle can gain a name as one of the most expensive food items in the world, how would the black one fare? Indeed, the truffle family is worth its name as the black truffle also made it to the list. Black truffles are almost as expensive as white truffles. Just a pound can fetch more than 1700 dollars.

Densuke Watermelon

If you are looking for rare food novelties, then Densuke watermelon should be included in your list. After all, this is a black watermelon, which is the rarest kind of watermelon around the world! A Densuke watermelon was once auctioned off in Japan and it had fetched a final price of 6100 dollars.

Yubari King Melon

most expensive foods in the world

Another melon that is known for its high price, Yubari king melon is a cantaloupe known for its orange pulp. Typically, you’ll have to spend 5000 dollars just to get one. However, since the demand outgrew the supply, an auction is a must for this food item. The highest record so far for Yubarki king melon auctioned off is 23000 dollars.


most expensive foods in the world

You might be thinking that this should not be included in the list as there are many “vanilla” in supermarkets and they are quite affordable. However, know that actual vanilla can cost 4000 dollars per pound. Harvesting vanilla means you have to watch over the plant meticulously as it will only bloom a few hours in a year.


most expensive foods in the world

Iran has the most volume produced when it comes to saffron. Moreover, their saffron has the finest quality. Saffron from Iran can cost as much as a few thousands of dollars per kilo. That is only reasonable considering that cultivating saffron can take up to around three years. Not only does saffron taste good, it also has precious medicinal value.

Almas Caviar

most expensive foods in the world

Another product from Iran, Almas caviar is as rare as it gets. It is harvested from Iranian Beluga fish, which is considered to be critically endangered nowadays. Even when you are in Iran, it is still difficult to find Almas caviar. If you ever manage to find it somewhere, be it in Iran or in any other place in the world, then be prepared to spend as much as 25000 dollars just for one tin can. Trivia: Almas caviar is packaged in a 24k golf tin packaging.

Bluefin Tuna

most expensive foods in the world

Bluefin tuna may already be close to extinction but there are still a lot of greedy humans who covet its tasty red meat. Of course, because of the high demand, low supply, and delicious taste, just a mere pound of this tuna can cost 4000 dollars or more.

Wagyu Beef

most expensive foods in the world

Meat lovers will surely drool over Wagyu beef. Even under the hands of an ordinary cook, Wagyu beef can still bring out its juicy taste. A pound of Wagyu beef can typically cost around 1300 dollars.

Red Bird’s Nest

most expensive foods in the world

A bird’s nest is one of the most unique food items in the world as well as the priciest. There are typically three colors of bird’s nest: yellow, white, and red. The most expensive one is the red color. Bird’s nest originated in China and is made with bird’s saliva. One bird’s nest served in soup form can sell as much as 10000 dollars per bowl.

Matsutake Mushroom

most expensive foods in the world

In the past, Matsutake mushroom was still affordable to an ordinary household. However, since it has been deemed as close to extinction, its price has increased significantly. One pound of the said mushroom can usually reach as much as a thousand dollars.

Aceto Balsamico

most expensive foods in the world

Aceto Balsamico, commonly known as Balsamico vinegar, is a rare type of vinegar obtained from an even rare type of grapes, the Trebbiano grapes. If that isn’t enough to increase the novelty value of this vinegar, then its preparation method might make you change your mind. It will actually take 10 to 25 years before actual vinegar can be made from the said grapes. Thus, it is only natural that the vinegar would cost more than 170 dollars per 150ml.

If you don’t have the means and the money, it might be better to stay away from these food items. Otherwise, you’ll just be tortured to death knowing the taste of these but unable to have them again. But of course, as a certified foodie, the cravings should not hold you back. It will be your greatest accomplishment to taste all (or at least one!) of these expensive food items around the world.