good books to read for young adults

When you want to write a novel that can be considered as one of the good books to read for young adults, then do keep in mind that writing a story is like a homemade recipe. Although there are slight differences depending on who is cooking the dish, the basic ingredients that make up the whole are the same. In the same way with writing a story, authors may have different ways and plot devices they prefer to use, that doesn’t change the essential story ingredients that compose a great novel. Here are five of the essential ingredients that can be found in great literary masterpieces:

#1. Orientation

Properly orienting the readers about the setting of the story, the characters, and the current circumstances that the characters are living in is just the first of the five ingredients of a great literary masterpiece. If there are other characters in the story that the main character cares for, introduce them as well. It will increase the reader’s emotional attachment to the main character if they know his or her background.

#2. Crisis

This is the part of the story where progression happens. Generally, this is the device that will change the main character’s world. It may be a internal strife or changes in the character’s surrounding. The crisis is what breaks the harmony or the status quo that was maintained in the beginning of the story. It should be written with great care to keep the reader’s reading to the end.

#3. Escalation

Escalation is when the main character takes steps towards change. These steps should be logical ones which can ultimately lead to the character’s goal. Of course, having the road towards one’s goal too smooth-sailing is boring. To make the book a page turner, having few bumps here and there as well as failures can help the character become a different person at the end of the story.

#4. Discovery

A great discovery happens in the story that will change the protagonist’s life. This discovery is sometimes written in at the climax. Of course, this discovery is not merely one that the main character encounters by chance. It should be a discovery that was uncovered due to the protagonist’s choices.

#5. Change

Change happens once the crisis is resolved. It is also an indication that the story is coming to a close. The changes must be significantly noticeable.