As an adult and as a mom, we usually spend most of our time in the kitchen. Of course, that is because it is our job as a plain housewife. That is why we can often call ourselves “the queen of the kitchen”. And then, if possible, even if we have our own chef or cook at home, we still need to check on the food and make sure that the utensils are used properly.

Those things are actually normal for moms and adults. You take care of the kitchen and would like it very clean. But, how about the kitchenware that you have? Do you use the right tools or utensils for prepping and cooking anything for the whole family and guests? It could have been better, if you will use the right ones, in such a way, you can also get the best result.

Do you know that when you are preparing food, you must also consider your output and make sure that it is presented well? Through this, expect everybody to appreciate the food served. It must look really delicious and smell good so that everybody will be satisfied and will leave the dining table with a smile because they surely feel so full.

Anyway, we have here a list of the kitchen essentials that you must be using at least every week to prep meals for the whole family.

1. Stainless Steel Cookware Set

kitchen essentials for weekly meal prep

When it comes to your cookware, it would be ideal for you to use a stainless steel cookware set. Do you know that these stainless pots and pans would help you save money because you can use them for a long time? What’s really nice about stainless steel cookware set is that it is free from rusts and it is easier to clean. Aside from that, food is evenly cooked when cooking with this material.

2. Hand Blender

It would be great if you can prepare some meals using a blender. Let’s say that you would like to prepare your own recipe for a hamburger for the kids. Now, you do not need to buy outside, instead do it on your own. You can find a lot of DIY videos to watch and this could be your guide while prepping the burger patty. It would be best if you can add some herbs and spices to make it more special.

kitchen essentials for weekly meal prep

3. Steamer

Pretty sure that you like fried food because that is easier to prepare. But, sometimes, eating fried pork or chicken is too oily and that is not really a healthy meal. Now, if you have a steamer, then you can avoid that oil spills in the kitchen as well as intake of fats. Do you know that eating steamed meat and vegetable is healthy? And then, it is even simpler and easier to prepare than frying. When the food is already in the steamer, then all you need to do is check your time and wait till it is done.

4. Knife

kitchen essentials for weekly meal prep

You should have a set of knives in the kitchen. It would be best to use the right knife when prepping vegetables and fruits. Anyway, some people do not find different types of kitchen knives are important. Some of them think that it is more important to keep it in good shape and can be used in slicing and chopping anything for the meal.

5. Mixing Bowl

Mixing bowls are important, especially if you are prepping vegetable or fruit salads. You can easily mix the ingredients well if you have the right size of the mixing bowl. And then, you can also use this bowl when you need to marinade some pork, chicken, or beef to be ready for grilling or roasting. Now, if you know how to make simple meals, then you would surely make use of the mixing bowl effectively for the ingredients.

6. Water Kettle

It would be great to have a kettle in the kitchen. You should not always drink something cold. What if you would like to prepare a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea? You do not always need to have a coffee maker, especially if nobody drinks coffee at home. But, learning to prep your own cup of hot and tasty drink would be great.

7. Container

kitchen essentials for weekly meal prep

What if you have left over after meals? You should not be throwing the food, especially if you have a fridge in the kitchen. So, you must have containers to keep your leftover foods. The good thing there is that you can use this leftover food and come up with your own recipe. This new recipe will now depend on you. You just need to think about what spices, fruits, meat or vegetables you can add to make it a different menu. Try this and see what happens.