Most authors will agree that writing isn’t all that easy. Distractions hinder you from completing your manuscript. Writer’s block prevents you from becoming productive. With all these hindrances, it is certainly not a walk in a park to become a publishing Legaia Books author nowadays.

Good thing apps that help authors exist in the virtual market now! Here are eight apps that Legaia Books self-publishing authors should use.


Evernote is one of the most common apps that are free to download online. It is not only recommended for authors but even for businesspeople and students too. This note-taking app allows you to jot down and organize your ideas as soon as you think of them.



It is forgivable for authors to have grammar mistakes and typos in their first draft. However, the final output should not have any of these errors before sending them to the printing press. To reduce or eliminate errors in the manuscript, use Hemingway. Hemingway is a proofreading app that will tell you what grammar mistakes and misspellings you’ve made in your draft.



Grammarly is quite similar to Hemingway in that it helps you proofread your manuscript. Be that as it may, the two has several differences. For one, Grammarly is stricter in checking grammatical errors and misspellings. Another thing is that Grammarly can check your manuscript for plagiarism issues.



Another free app to add to an author’s toolbox, Self Control helps block your access to social media sites, video streaming sites, and other distracting websites. You simply have to set a schedule for the Self Control app to activate. During this set time, you can focus on writing your manuscript instead of checking your Facebook every five minutes.



A good novel should not have obvious plot holes. Thus, all the tiny details you can think of for your plot should be appropriately organized. A Novel Idea is a free app that can help you with that. With this app, you can link your ideas more efficiently.



It is a must to have a dictionary handy when you are writing. A physical dictionary can be quite heavy for you to carry, so an electronic one is preferable. Through the dictionary, you can verify the meaning of words, thus, assuring you that you are using the word according to their context.



Don’t run out of words! The novel won’t be as appealing when you keep on repeating words when you could’ve used another with the same meaning. The thesaurus can help you find the right word to use – whether they are synonyms or antonyms of that word you’ve had in mind.



The Index Card can be used when you have ideas you want to capture, organize, and compile. You can organize your plot with this efficient writing app. Organizing your thoughts in this corkboard type of writing app only needs you to drag and drop to reorder.

Before successfully publishing ebooks and paperbacks, an author should write the manuscript first. Hence, better download these apps to enjoy a smoother writing experience. Writing with the help of these apps may help you draft a better manuscript too. Moreover, they are free, so you won’t be spending money just to get your hands on them.