Have you ever thought about what belief really is?

A Simple Matter of Belief is a book about what we believe to be true. There is a difference between knowledge and belief. Knowledge is necessary in our lives. Without knowledge, there are things we can not do, such as drive a car, you need knowledge and training to perform that task safely. When we say we have a belief in the Creator of the universe; what is our knowledge of that belief? Is it gathering together weekly or reading texts as a group? No! It is experiencing and communicating with Jesus Christ personally. Religious beliefs are a substitute, filled with ceremony and rituals. To have a genuine relationship with God, it is critical to know and understand the Lordship of Jesus. The knowledge that should be focused on is the true value of God’s word and that Jesus is the living, Word of God.

A Simple Matter of Belief is a book about our perception and the reality of Jesus and the Creator. It’s not about whether we are right or wrong; or if religious people are better than others; or if Atheists believe there is a Creator or not. It is regarding what we know about the unknown; it is all a matter of belief.

It is for anyone seeking a spiritual awakening, no matter where you are in your personal journey. Whether you are a new believer or questioning your current faith; God loves you and has a magnificent plan for your life, more than you may have ever thought possible.

A Faith Experienced Not Directed

Religion does not show us who the creator of this world really is, so we don’t see Him as He is. When we do not know the truth, we have a life of pain and experience unfulfilled lives because of religious deceptions taught to us. This is one reason why we have so much difficulty knowing the Creator today; it’s difficult to follow someone that we do not trust and it’s unbearable to trust someone we believe will hurt us. Religion takes what should be the best encounter of our lives and turns it into rules and regulations. This makes the Creator hard, legalistic, and so very distant. So, we try to keep up with legalistic expectations of our churches which we feel is necessary to please God instead of experiencing the living, merciful, and gracious God for ourselves.

However, the message of A Simple Matter of Belief will show us that the Creator is not far from us. We only think we are far from Him. Just as we think we’re alone in this world.

Through the seven “I am” statements of Jesus, HE showed us that we are not alone. Jesus came to establish a New Covenant. This Covenant is so important that He sealed it by His own blood. It is highly offensive to God for us to attempt to relate to Him on any other terms than the finished work of Jesus.

When we take the time and look at each of Jesus’ I AM statements, we begin to understand the full meaning of our salvation. It is not just a free pass to heaven or that we are just forgiven. The Greek root word for salvation is “sozo”, which is a little word with a big meaning. It means to be rescued, no judgment, deliverance, being preserved from harm, renewing the mind, prosperity and physical healing from sickness and disease. This is all included in our salvation, which Jesus sealed with His blood.

A Faith Experienced Not Directed

The Apostle John wrote his letter to reveal to the people of his time to believe in Jesus. His letter is the only one that focuses on the seven “I am” statements of Jesus. Did you know that God’s personal name in Hebrew YAHWEH (Jehovah) means I AM WHO I AM? Jesus wants us to know that the Creator God desires us to have a life where we are spiritually, emotionally, and physically intact, to live a life that is blissfully fulfilled. This book will show us that God loves and accepts us just as we are.

That is the reason that I dedicated this book to everyone that is seeking the Truth; to allow a spiritual awakening through a relationship with Jesus Christ to find God within. There are a few others like myself that support people in the field of faith-based development; through the unification of spirit, soul, and body, the entire truth of the spiritual energy that is within all of us. These concepts can bring about equality in spirit, soul, and body; by understanding these truths many people have had amazing transformations in their lives. Overcoming such things as healthy challenges to emotional difficulties and even achieve financial abundance.

I count myself among these people because throughout my early life, I had many difficulties; from ill-health, brutal depression, an abusive marriage to alcoholism. When a miraculous encounter happened, it set me out a journey to find the truth and to seek a deeper reality. Throughout many years of study, I have come to see the Creator in a new way. His wish for us is to have a rich and satisfying life. Today, I have attained that life. I am spiritually, emotionally, and physically intact, joyfully married with two superb children and three fantastic grandchildren, and has two flourishing businesses.

A Faith Experienced Not Directed

My passion and commitment over the years have given me great insight into the love that God has for each and every one of us. It has led me into a very fruitful ministry. I experience the joy of serving people; to walk people through a transformation of every aspect of their lives through them changing their beliefs with the true knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Over the years I see so many people hurt by their churches, questioning why life is so hard and just sad. I even heard people say they are drained from religion. Now, like the Apostle John, I am inviting all who read this book to start on your own personal journey with Jesus. The journey with Jesus presents the possibility for life at its very best, in abundance. The life we are given is meant to be lived in wholeness, peace, and joy!

My goal is to be of assistance for everyone to experience the wholeness of spirit, soul, and body!

This book may be the beginning of your journey where you will see Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of that Word and your spirituality. If you are truly interested in discovering the true knowledge of the Creator of the universe, join me on a journey through my book, A Simple Matter of Belief.

I am currently working on the second book entitled, The Lost Road. It is a continuation of the journey, to discover the path to God and living a fulfilled life through a relationship with Jesus.

Individuals wishing to contact me may do so @ Thejourney4you@gmail.com