A mass of secrets… These secrets have been building since before she was born. Sandrid Sky has had suspicions about her parents since a ball of light first appeared above her mother. She never asked. The secrets kept building. She had dreams of a different world much like ours, but with Abilities, magic we would call it. An image of a sword resides in her dreams, and it calls her name. Then, they began breaking, and Sandrid finds herself in this very world with the sword in hand. Abilities she had only dreamt of, and an importance she never thought she had. Lost in a Dream is on the bridge of sci-fi and fantasy and is the first of a series. Its focus is on a teenage girl who is discovering many things about herself and a hidden world. It introduces many things that I will go more in-depth with later in the series.

Sandrid Sky has noticed some peculiarities with her parents, mostly her mother. Her curiosity all started when the lights went out in their home and a sphere of glowing energy hovered over her mother. From there, she has noticed more and more. Her mother disappearing in their coat closet… Weapons hidden behind the television in her parents’ room and robes hidden in their closet… Inexplicable pictures hiding in a box… This doesn’t even include her dreams that spiked her curiosity even more. In her dreams was another world with fascinating capabilities to control the elements, and terrifying creatures. She dreamt of using the elements to fight these terrifying creatures with a petrifying roar. Among these dreams was one about a sword that only called her name in dreams, but soon in real life.

A Mass of Secrets

She never asked about these things. She didn’t have the confidence. She wanted to wait until they were ready to tell her, no matter how much it built up inside of her. For years, these questions built up, but her parents never made a notion to talk to her about them. She was only a month away from being sixteen when everything began taking its course and the secrets were revealed. After an attack that she can’t remember, she wakes up to her parents arguing in the corner, mentioning things that she had never heard of before. She finally voices her questions, but they won’t provide answers. Her parents wore the robes and were armed with the weapons that she had discovered. In an attempt to leave through their coat closet, they got attacked by the creature she had dreamt about. When the battle ends, the sword she had dreamt about was on the floor. With her parents and the leader of the secret organization, she enters the closet and finds the very world inside her dreams. In this world, she finds her answers, but discovers more secrets. Her confidence builds as she discovers an adventure she longed for.

The reason I wrote this book is to inspire others. There aren’t many books that I have read in this genre that have the main character as a female. I want to help people know that they have a purpose, even if they don’t know what it is yet. I want to broaden the minds of my readers. I want my readers, especially females, to know that they can be the heroes of their own stories. Five years ago, when I finished the first version, I let my best friend read it. It was only a hundred pages then and was a shadow of what it is now. I watched my friend read it and listened to the questions she asked as her heart raced with many emotions. Seeing those emotions displayed in front of me helped me to want to build and create a more complex world. I waited five years for several reasons. First, I noticed that the world I imagined wasn’t the same as what was on paper. I waited until my vocabulary had increased and my mind settled on the ideal world.

A Mass of Secrets

Rereading my rough draft made me realize that I had chunks missing in the story, and the timeline was all screwed up. I waited an extra six months to ensure that the timeline was straight and the chunks were filled in, occasionally sharing ideas with family. This series has gotten me through many rough patches in my life. It got me through high school, the toughest time in my life so far. I trapped myself inside this story, inside this world, to protect myself from the many things that were bothering me in real life. I used my life to help me relate to my main character and make my writing better. I am Katia MacKay, and I am twenty years old. When I was younger, it never crossed my mind that someday, I would write something worthy enough of publishing. I never imagined being a published author. Many ideas have crossed my mind over the years, and I chose this one to be sent out first. I live in Idaho and have for the vast majority of my life.

I have been living in the same small town for thirteen years. Being confined by choice and wanting to have an adventure of my own is how I related with Sandrid Sky. I have shared Lost in a Dream with few people over the years, and some of these people said that I should get it published. I wanted to keep this world to myself, selfishly, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of being able to inspire people of all ages. The more people I talked to, the more this idea and decision are supported. There was a point in my life where I was told that I wouldn’t uphold to anything, and this helped me make up my mind on what I wanted to do. I put the world I have imagined onto paper so that I am not the only one who has delved inside. If you want to contact me, my email is katiamackay1@gmail.com, and I am on Facebook.