Directed by John Krasinski and co-starred by his wife Emily Blunt, the movie A Quiet Place is a sci-fi, drama, thriller, horror film. The screenplay was collaboratively written by Krasiniski, Bryan Woods, and Scott Beck that was based on the story by both Woods and Beck. Unlike any other movies, A Quiet Place is the only movie I saw so far that barely uses a dialogue. In the movie, the family, which roles are played by John Krasinski as Lee Abbott, Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott, Millicent Simmonds as Regan Abbott, and Noah Jupe as Marcus Abbott, uses the American Sign Language to communicate with each other. The movie A Quiet Place is a proof that a movie does not necessarily have to put scary music or background song just to make the horror film effective. One thing I have noticed about horror film is that they use all these sorts of noise, frightening sound and jump scares just to make the movie “scary.” The movie was able to successfully give a jolt to the audience with minimal sound and dialogue. Some movies limit the audience by making the audience an onlooker of the story, but in the movie A Quiet Place, they were able to make the audience actively be part of the tension and conflicts of the story. The movie is really good that it gained a rating of 95% in Rotten Tomatoes.

So basically, the movie is about a family who struggles to survive against the aliens who dominated the planet earth. Although the aliens cannot see its surroundings, but it has a very sharp sense of hearing, so every sound you make, they can hear you – even the slightest whisper. If they hear you, they haunt you.

Rule #1: Don’t make a sound.

a quiet place spoilers

Make a sound, and you are dead meat. Everything the family does, must be done in silence. In cooking their food, communicating, eating, sleeping – everything. The aliens are only attracted to sounds and every time a sound is made, they instantly go to the source and destroy it. Just like what happened to the youngest son in the story, when the family was on their way home, they didn’t notice that the kid took the toy back with its batteries. He died when he turned on and played the toy that emits sounds and the boy was instantly attacked by the alien. The father did everything he can do to save his son, but the alien was faster than him. It was too late. In an instant, the kid was gone. They witnessed how the kid was attacked by the alien, and the family was carrying that sad memory, especially to the elder sister, Regan. She was the one who secretly gave the toy back to his brother, she has this somewhat guilt in her heart. Another breathtaking moment of the movie was that Emily, the mother in the story, is pregnant and is about to go into labor. A baby is coming. Imagine, a baby.

Rule #2: Never leave the path.

a quiet place spoilers

They have this specific path where they should only take and walk into or step on. They have putted this long path that is somewhat made of sand. Although they walk barefoot, the path is, however, their guide leading to a safer way and or to simply make sure that even in walking, no sound will be created. They have this path from their house to their farm, to the city and to the stores where they take their supplies. Even inside the house, they have this specific track where they are only allowed to step on. It is in their rule to strictly follow the path or else consequences will happen.

Rule #3: Red means run.

a quiet place spoilers

In the movie, when Marcus and his father went to some place, Regan was left in the house with her mother Evelyn. Marcus and Regan were both mad about that, and she wanted to come with his father while Marcus didn’t want to go because he was too scared, but despite the argument, their father’s decision was still the one obeyed. However, Regan still left the house and went to the place where his little brother died.

The good thing about the movie is that the story does not only talk about the alien against the human race, but also gives lessons, especially about parenting. The conflict between the father and his children and how the father was misunderstood by his children.

So their mother, Evelyn was left in the house and an incident happened. In an instant, the alien was in their house hunting their mother. There were gunshots, shouting and running. The once a quiet place turned into chaos. The red light was turned on, and a sacrifice was made at that time.

Overall, the movie A Quite Place is a kind of movie you shouldn’t miss watching.