Here, we have a four-book collection, by the author David Fredette. The first title, chronologically speaking, is Latent Heat: A Year’s Worth, an anthology of poems like the last book, All Cartoons, Not Chess, in a Relationship. The two middle drafts are stories. They are respectively, The Jesuit: A Christian Gets His Wings and Walk in Faith, and Eat When You’re Hungry: The Jesuit on Steroids. All four volumes are related to one another in one manner or another.

Latent Heat has to do with phase change. Hence, an ongoing lifetime has been expressed during the course of one year. May all that we face be saturated with positive coping strategies.  This book is about all of the observing the author had done up until its completion. It is a collection of poems that were written, one piece per week, for the duration of one year. There are titles about his parents, lovers, the universe, steam, his travels (as a merchant seaman), religion, his one of three patents, the sea, and aspects of life.

Along the Rhythm of Life

The Jesuit: A Cristian Gets His Wings is a story about the trials and tribulations of a man who has to face his affliction, of manic depression, in an occupation with a high suicide rate. What can get him free from always concerning himself with his own selfish needs and wants? When can he be more about the needs of others less fortunate?  Peter Leduc imitates David Fredette.  Hence, most of the events are true, but the names were changed. Simply put, the story conveys an indemnity that Peter must endure for about ten years with his new mental illness. And, what a crash it was.

The Walk in Faith synopsis goes as follows. Enamored with grace, Peter Leduc has a disposition for the simpler things in life. However, he has begun to embark on a rather tremendous undertaking. Is it truly a leap of faith? This book is the continuation of The Jesuit.  It’s Peter Leduc again. But he has gained emotional and spiritual strength. He is dealing with the required medication regimen using his resources of engineering and writing, and he is optimistic about the future. Thus, a more “can do” attitude.

Along the Rhythm of Life

Cartoons is a collaborative effort of Queen Meredith and King Matthew to convey all of their understanding of life to date. Nevertheless, it will always and eternally be an ongoing learning curve for the future to come, as far as they can envision. Their fascination is boundless. This poetry book wraps up the four. It’s a time when David Fredette flirted with the idea of marriage.  A woman named Paula Jo Gabriel joined David in an unwitnessed nuptial agreement. As a result, there was no marriage license. They met at a poetry group in Stamford, CT. They would meet every Tuesday night at Curley’s Diner. Mr. Fredette used poems he again wrote each week for a year. Paula’s material was written over several years. They are still friends today.

David Fredette now lives in Stamford, CT. However, he grew up in Bayport, New York in Long Island. He studied literature in SUNY Morrisville, where he earned an associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and in Social Sciences. He then went on to study engineering at SUNY Maritime in Bronx, NY. He graduated in 1994. David sailed for five years total then retired.


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