Anthony S. Solimine is just one of those who have invited the Spirit of Christ to come into his life. After getting inspired with his own experiences, he is able to write a wonderful book that will surely influence other people.

Author Profile

Full Name: Anthony Stephan Solimine Jr.
Birth Date: November 14, 1951
Birthplace: U.S. Army, Fort Polk, Louisiana
Pen name: A.S.S. Jr.
Occupation: Writer/college student/Christian-Theologian
Genre: Religion, biblical studies, Prophecy, semi-autobiography

Interesting Facts

  • Presently, I’m gathering reliable information for a small but powerful book on, “the power of Public-Opinion to change the moral standards established by God for thousands of years.”
  • I feel like a young boy whose on an incredible journey, but I’m trapped in an old man’s decaying body, and it won’t stop getting in my ambitious way.
  • My constant contact with supernatural, invisible elements, of the good kind, helps to mold and shape my perception and view of people and the world around them.
  • Being so close to a holy and righteous being, as God is in Christ, I can’t help but see my faults and short-comings and sinful choices, at times, which reminds me that I’m an A.S.S.

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