Bad, Bad Bobo is a fun and spunky story about a boxer puppy who loves to get into trouble. His owner, Kakes, seems to always clean up her furry friend’s messes. No matter the crazy incident that occurs, Kakes’ love for her pup never fades away. However, she must come to realize, if she ever takes her eyes off Bobo, then she is in for multiple, messy surprises!

And to make the story even better, Bad, Bad Bobo is based on true events!

Bad, Bad Bobo is a great story for children because of the funny storyline, the rhyme scheme, and the bright colored pages. During a read, children are giggling and catching on to the reoccurring phrase, “Bad, Bad Bobo.” This allows them to feel included into the read and helps them pay attention to the story.

The story’s main message is about responsibility. Every child wants some sort of pet during their adolescence and every parent most likely has said, “Honey, a pet is a big responsibility!” Bad, Bad Bobo does a great job showing how much responsibility it takes to care for a puppy dog while including a humorous and relatable approach to the matter.

This is not only a story that children will love but it is also a story that Boxer owners will love. Since the book is based from my own personal experiences with my own boxer, Balboa, Boxer owners can connect with me in a personal way and understand when I say, “Oh my gosh! Boxers are rascals but are one of the best dogs to have by your side.” When children or parents read this book, I want them to feel that connection as well and be able to say “Mom! Remember when our dog ate my underwear?” I want this story to create laughs and be a go-to when in need of a chuckle. I believe the truthfulness of the story, the fact that Bobo is a real-life dog that one could potentially meet, and the personal connections that I am trying to achieve between children, parents, and animal lovers are what separate this book from other children’s books about dogs.

Being Responsible is Fun

My dog is my main inspiration when writing about Bobo. There are so many more stories that I would love to tell. When the three incidents that I wrote about in the story occurred in real life, Balboa (Bobo) was only a few months old. He is now two years old and nothing has changed except my attention. However, he still acts like a sneaky puppy and would love to get into trouble if he had the chance!

My name is KaLynne Chapman and I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am 21 years old and starting my senior year at the University of Tulsa where I am a Painting and Art history student. One summer day in 2017, my mother mentioned the idea to write stories about our crazy dog. I thought about it for a while and in August 2017, I wrote the manuscript for Bad, Bad Bobo. The words came to me extremely quick because I was writing the truth. The rhyme scheme was an accident but I loved the way it flowed throughout the book, so I kept it. The book includes three funny incidents in which my dog instigated. I decided to keep the personal and true theme throughout the physicality of both, which is why I wanted to be the one to illustrate my pictures. Being trained in painting and drawing, I felt comfortable enough to do so.

Writing is something new to me but after this book I have acquired an itch to continue. Even though a lot of hard work was put into the creation of this book, it was not a displeasing or tedious task. I enjoyed every minute of it because I got to write about someone I love very much and who is always by my side (As a matter of fact, Balboa is sitting right her next to me as I write this article), and I got to lengthen my passion for painting as well. In the future, I hope to write more stories about my crazy but oh, so sweet puppy dog— there’s no telling what else he could get into!

You can find myself and Balboa on Social Media:

Instagram: @Balboa_the_boxer @kkchapman97
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