You know what’s worse with watching horror as a kid? You still get haunted by it. Here are a few episodes of one of the greatest horror series for children that had been adapted into a TV series way back in the ’90s. A few years later, these freaky best Goosebumps episodes can still give you jump, and will have even the adults pulling up their covers at night:

Night of the Living Dummy II will get you freaked out by Slappy the Dummy’s face. This living, talking dummy is probably the classier version of Chuckie. His appearance in the episode can definitely haunt your dreams at night.


The Haunted Mask is a horror episode that will wake your fears toward face masks. After all, who knows if the mask you are wearing will be ultimately bound to your face eternally, without ever a sign of being taken off.


The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight Scarecrows are staple scream-inducing monsters that you’ve probably gotten used to in other films. However, in the Goosebumps series, these Scarecrows are very unpleasant and deadly.

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Go Eat Worms, it can be queasy to watch worms squirm about. It will even be more nauseating if you are forced to eat these worms. Even if it is to teach an unruly brat a lesson, that doesn’t mean that it is okay to have worms rearing its head at humans.


Welcome to Dead House kids. Zombies are very common in the horror genre too. That’s why it isn’t that surprising to find R.L. Stine penning them into one of the Goosebumps manuscripts he published. The more zombies in play, the more difficult it is for the protagonist to survive.

These best Goosebumps episodes alone can definitely freak you out; regardless if you are watching a horror movie for the first time, or if they have already been desensitized with the horror flicks they’ve watched before.

These best Goosebumps can also be hair-raising, especially for adults who are caught off-guard thinking that this is just a childish show eve before watching the said TV series.

If you are a real fan of Goosebumps, have you watched all of these best Goosebumps episodes? Which one’s your favorite?