The Story of Pinky the Seawise Crab


Catch Me If You Can

“Catch Me If You Can” by Judy Brunk

My book is based on a real crab caught in a crab pot by my husband. We have a soft crab producing business and I handle thousands of crabs every spring when they come out from hibernation during winter and are becoming ready to shed their hard shell. Softshell crabs are a delicacy in restaurants up and down the coast as well as around the world.

Pinky was a unique crab unlike any other I had ever handled. When I told family and friends about him they were skeptical until they observed what he did for themselves. Everyone who heard my story said that I should write a book so I did! Originally it was called “Pinky the Seawise Crab” and put out by a self-publishing company who overpriced it and after a month or so the covers began to delaminate. I got a refund from that company, replaced the cover, title and interior design with the help and advice from Whitey Schmidt, a very successful author of cookbooks about crabs and other seafood. He put me in touch with his designers and editors.

Catch Me If You Can” is now affordable to anyone interested in the life and struggles of Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs and the working watermen who pursue them and get them to your dinner table. You will think differently about crabs after reading my book but still won’t be able to resist eating them.

The story is full of fun, fact, and fiction. It is from real memories of our family happenings during the growing of our two sons who worked on the water for twenty-five years. A lot of the stories are true with a little embellishment for entertainment and to create interest in the life of Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs and the watermen who pursue them. The story is from the crabs’ perspective and takes the reader on a journey with the crab surviving all the predators who try to catch him and escaping time and time again when they do catch him.

There are many color photographs showing some of the many contraptions used to catch crabs. “Catch Me If You Can” is for all ages, easily read by children 7 to 8 years and up through adults of any age.

My hopes when writing it was to help people to have a better understanding of the watermen’s livelihood and the struggle they and the crabs endure to survive.

After many years of handling so many crabs, I became fond of them and realized that they like all living beings felt fear, pain, hunger, and love. I learned that they are just as curious about us as we are of them and if handled gently are not so aggressive. They react defensively to threats just as humans do!

I grew up in Indiana and knew nothing about Blue Crabs. Never saw one and never ate one. I graduated high school, joined the U.S Navy and became a photographer.

I met and married my husband who was also a sailor. He was from Baltimore, MD and had been raised along with his cousin working on the water with their fathers in their seafood business.

He had extensive knowledge of crabs and when we were out of the Navy, he wanted to work on the water again. It has been a rewarding life and a labor of love for our family. We are retired now but still help out on the crab house with our son and grandson because we enjoy being amongst the crabs and also enjoy eating them.

I photograph crabs and create greeting cards and frame pictures that I sell along with “Catch Me If You Can” in my St. John Press business.

I can be reached at email Phone number 757.442.9030.  Book is $13.95 plus $4.95 postage. Virginia orders add 5.3 % tax. I accept checks or money orders. NO Paypal or credit cards.


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