BC Bloomer lives in and loves the Great State of Louisiana. She is a human rights activist, a Christian believer, and animal lover. BC Bloomer blends genres of urban fiction, spiritual narrative, romanticism nostalgia, historical account, and southern renaissance in writing stories to help and encourage people “To rise to the top no matter what the Devil throws at you in this life since sometimes negative circumstances finds you at no fault of your own. It’s just life for God’s warriors”.

Author Profile

Full name: Catherine Bowers
Birth date: July 2, 1961
Age: 57
Birth Place: Shreveport, Louisiana
Pen Name: BC Bloomer
Occupation: Executive Assistant/Academic Training Coordinator, bookkeeper, tax preparer

Interesting Facts

  • I am a survivor of paternal abandonment and childhood abuse using elements of biblical wisdom, courage, and encouragement to overcome adversity and live.
  • I’m a gardener, cook-baker, writer, playwright, poet, motivational mentor.
  • I love helping people avoid needless suffering and find meaning and value in their lives through writing about making the connection in recognizing divine-biblical significance even in struggle and misfortune using Godly biblical principles found in the bible to promote living and success for people broken in spirit and self-esteem sometimes caused by traumatic events.
  • Founder, La. Sistahood Book Club Show, La. Sistahood Book Fair and Community Festival, Trinkets of Hope (Action) and Voices of Empowerment (Word of God) Ministries

Featured Books

Notable Characters Created

+Will James




+Carl Linn