Deeper Perception

Perception is a dangerous tool to obtain, it could turn the innocent into the guilty, a sinner into a saint, a murder into a hero. But what would happen if you are given the ability to change your own perception, would you be proven right or would you be proven wrong? Find out what Nick Solitario decides to do in the first episode of a future series, Night of The Phantom.

Night of The Phantom: Episode One was written by Carlos M Reynosa, a 2011 Kean University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Communication/ Journalism. As a child, Reynosa had always had an imaginative mind that was developed through comic book, fairytales, and entertaining stories by his family. Reynosa is the youngest of four children and the only boy among three older sisters. Reynosa would refer to his sisters as his older mothers, because they help their parents raised him. Each one raising him as his own through their own experience that not only defied them but mentored Reynosa as well. But it wasn’t until Reynosa went St. Mary’s of the Assumption where he learned his passion for writing through poetry. From there, it transitions into essays allowing him to graduate high school where his passion developed in Union County College until finally, Kean University.

Deeper Perception

Night of The Phantom Episode One is a story that takes place in New York where a young boy named Nick Solitario is forced to live his life based on the perception that was given to him over the years. To some, he is a bully who should be feared; to others, he is a target and should be bullied. But the one perception that would always hurt him the most is the one from his mother (Ana Solitario) who believed he was something evil.

One night, Nick was mysteriously struck by lightning, allowing him not only to have abilities to fight off the bullies, but to also take revenge of those who murdered his mother. Along the journey, Nick hade even gained the respect and love of a young lady who he long cared about— Lindy Xin.

However, because of his lack of experience and his youth, Nick has neither mastered his abilities nor understands the circumstance of his actions. He relies on superhero movies and comic books for guidance, but without true mentorship, Nick learns the hard way that there always be a price to pay.

Night of The Phantom: Episode One was reviewed by San Francisco Review which implies “A fast pace story of dormant powers and revenge paired with and ending that tells you there is more to come.”

US Book Review also called it, “Drawing inspiration from plenty of superhero lore that precedes the story, this book blends many ideas that may be familiar to fans of comic books into something new.”

Deeper Perception

So, why anyone would be interested in reading Night of The Phantom: Episode One? Yes, it’s a superhero book, yes, it’s a revenge story, but it is also a story how perception can be misused and how it affects not just the life of one person but how it affects the lives around this one person, as a result of these unique perception, interesting paths are being chosen, which leads to some twists and turns that could surprise you.

Why is the author doing this? Because like everyone else, he believes he has a story to tell and idea to pass down that will hopefully change how the world is perceived. Of course, he loves to be a successful writer, but the real goal is to be just a writer, just the fact that he did something with his life will be all the success he needs. Night of The Phantom Episode: One is not only the first series to come but the first of many novels as well.

A new novel is in the works and hopefully, will be published in 2020 and based on among Reynosa’s friends and peers, it will be just as interesting as his recent one.

But for now, it begins with the path of Nick Solitario, this is his comic book, so read his journey and watch him become The Ghost that walks in Night of New York City, The Ghost of past sins, but you can call him The Phantom.

Deeper Perception

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