Walt Disney brought us Mickey Mouse and all other fun-loving characters. He also brought to life the happiest place on Earth. Even if he lived a long and accomplished life, he attributes everything to his fun-loving and young heart. And while almost every child grew up with their own Disney stories to tell, there are some stories from our beloved kid’s company that not everyone knew about. Take a look at some here:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was considered by many to bomb.

Back in the day, people had so much doubt about the fairytale becoming such a huge success. At the time, Disney even had to mortgage his own house to finance for the movie. People considered Snow White as “Disney’s Folly” but they were all proven wrong when it became a massive success.

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Snow White was also the first movie to release a soundtrack.

Admit it, you sang along to many songs from the movie. Aside from being a massive success, Snow White also became the first movie ever to release a soundtrack.

Dopey was supposed to be a chatterbox.

Initially, the producers thought of Dopey as a chatterbox but finding someone to voice the bald dwarf was a challenge. What happened then, is that instead of outfitting him with vocals that don’t sound right, they just decided that he become silent.

There are many hidden Mickeys in Disney productions.

If you are a hawk-eyed fan of Disney movies, you probably have seen three well-placed circles that resemble Mickey’s silhouette in many of them. It is something that is rightful since he has been the central mascot of Walt Disney Corporation since it was created in 1928.

Dumbo is Disney’s shortest feature.

The movie is just 64 minutes long and is considered the shortest feature-length movie from Disney. Although he got plenty of advice to stretch the story, Disney held up and said that the story wouldn’t go any further otherwise it won’t make sense.

Dumbo was TIME’s “Mammal of the Year”.

Despite being a short feature, Dumbo made such a huge impact that TIME magazine gave it the honor as “Mammal of the Year”. He was even set to be the cover but Pearl Harbor happened and the magazine opted for a more serious cover.

The “Bambi Complex” is a psychological disorder named after the deer.

Who didn’t cry watching Bambi’s mother getting shot and killed? People who are very sentimental and sympathetic towards wildlife are now considered to have the Bambi Complex.

Ever heard of the Cinderella complex too?

Many people’s hearts bled for Cinderella who was left to clean the house while her evil stepsisters are living the good life. Well, women who are very emotional and are dependent on men for emotional and financial purposes are said to have the Cinderella complex.

Cinderella has Disney’s favorite piece of animation.

If you ever thought of the moment when Fairy Godmother transformed Cinderella’s torn dress into a beautiful ball gown is said to be Disney’s favorite piece of animation.

Which of these Disney facts are you most fascinated with?