“A fun guide into the dogs personalities”

1. Dachshund

The hotdogs

This breed has a German name which literally means “badger dog” that means to get rid of badgers. This doggies may have adapted to their name since they seem to badger us with their playfulness and very active energy.

best dog breeds to have as pets

They are extremely stubborn too. Add it with their natural intelligence and flare for independence and one can get a handful of doggie.

They like to burrow into enclosed places and dig into any surface or anything they get their paws on. They like to bark with these deep, loud ones, which can trick anyone to thinking they are much bigger beasts than the cute little hotdogs that they are.

They can be very entertaining to watch coming up with clever and sometimes fearless things to do. They can lift up your playful spirit every time and most of all, they love a good cuddle.

2. Chow Chow

Teddy bear

If you mix, a prideful lion, a sleepy panda, a cute teddy bear, an elegant cat and a loyal dog, you will get the Chow Chow.

best dog breeds to have as pets

Let us break it down, shall we?

The lion: Its large head adorned with that big beautiful mane of hair and the mean look in its face.

The panda: Being a quiet and comfortable companion. Doesn’t really care what strangers do and focuses on their own.

The cat: It’s distant and isn’t fond of getting fussed over or hugged and cuddled. It also has this air of reserved and dignified.

The dog: He may not be big in the cuddling department but he’s a fiercely loyal companion.

3. Chihuhua

Small divas

Smallest in size but biggest in personality, the Chihuahua loves nothing more than being with their humans. These little divas likes to stick with their owners everywhere, in errands, in department stores and inside the bags just for a cup of coffee.

best dog breeds to have as pets

Chihuahuas are smart and can successfully complete these obedience tests if they care enough to join or if you have the power of persuasion.

They are naturally suspicious and aloof to new faces so they are excellent watchdogs.

They give and need a lot of affection and companionship.

4. Great Dane

Gentle giants

Don’t be fooled by its enormous size and its sleek, elegant and athletic muscular body, the Great Dane is one of the most kind-natured dogs. They are the sweetest thing and loves to play with children and adults alike.

best dog breeds to have as pets

A gentle giant if there ever was one, peaceful yet brave and protective at the same time. It can get along with pretty much every living thing. May it be dogs, other animals, humans and maybe a plant or two?

Its size and bark will scare off anyone with bad intentions so it’s a plus thing. Although the mere size of the dog will take a little getting used to even for the owners. Especially, when they believe that they are lapdogs or rather body dogs since they can cover you easily when they want to cuddle.

5. Shih Tzu

Little lion

J. Mumsford, an American teacher once said that “Nobody knows how the ancient eunuchs managed to mix together: a dash of lion, several teaspoons of rabbit, a couple of ounces of domestic cat, one part court jester, a dash of ballerina, a pinch of old man, a bit of beggar, a tablespoon of monkey, one part baby seal, a dash of teddy bear, and, for the rest, dogs of Tibetan and Chinese origin.”

best dog breeds to have as pets

With a summary of all these qualities, Shih Tzus are one of the cutest and most adorable dog you will ever meet. They just melt your heart and be like aww. With those shaggy fur, friendliness and being just a cute ball of energy, no one can resist them.

6. Bulldog


Their fierce face is reserved only to those who would harm their family, especially the kids. They are the official nanny dogs and are great with the little ones.

best dog breeds to have as pets

They can be lazy at times, just lounging and hovering over their owners but this is what also makes them good as playmate for the kids.

They are also sweet and kind with the protectiveness and courage of a watchdog.

7. Golden Retriever

The calm one

The golden retriever is very calm and have a very high tolerance to people and all their antics, which makes it a very good family pet.

best dog breeds to have as pets

They mature slowly so all that playfulness and energy of a puppy will be present for a long time. Aside from it being very good to their owners, this beautiful golden brown creature is smart too.

8. Pug

The best friend

Some would have the opinion that they are ugly because of those wrinkles and folds on that adorable face but that’s exactly what makes them cute and endearing to our hearts.

best dog breeds to have as pets

These lapdogs are said to have a great sense of humor and are attention seekers, especially towards their owner. They like to have their pet time with their owners or just be close by or else they will be grumpy and sad.

They can just either behave contentedly or be a delight with silly ideas they come up with.

As owners, it is a responsibility to raise a puppy. They must have a social life for them to be comfortable with others and for them to grow up as happy dogs.