A fun guide in celebrating the ultimate cheat day

It is now May 11!! The happiest and fullest day ever. There are a lot of fun things one can do on this special day aside from the obvious binge eating.

Why do we have the “Eat what you want day”?

This birth of this day came from Thomas and Ruth Roy of wellcat.com. They made this day to help our generation which has been plagued with this trend for diets and excessive health awareness that it rules their lives and everyday routine relax and live a little. It was created in hopes that the people can break away from these restrictions and just let go. Enjoy the food as they are made to be enjoyed. Eat where, when and how you want.

There’s a lot to one can do and I’ll just toss you some of them.

Let the end of the hunger games begin!

1. Indulge yourself

Prioritize. This is the keyword in celebrating. All your favorites. All those cakes, ice creams, burgers and comfort foods you have denied yourself, indulge in all of them. The food that you are craving and familiar tastes that you have missed will make you savor it more and hands down satisfy you.

2. Don’t count calories

It’s a celebration, not an exam. Even if you are aiming for a summer-ready body where you’ve got the right curves in the right places as you wear your skimpy bikini, halt your calorie meters and ignore those numbers. Better yet, just don’t think and eat. Those calories won’t kill you, hunger will.

3. Blindfold eating

If you can’t shut down your calorie calculating brain then might as well do it blindly. This is a fun activity that will give you surprises in the most delicious way. Gather all the treats that you want in a plate and start picking your surprises.

4. Call up your mom/dad

Feeling a little lazy and nostalgic? Ring up your parents or any relative. Make all of the food you have loved as a child and even now that you’re grown up. Something that will remind you of home. All those childhood memories associated with home food will give you the warmth of family. It’s a great way to celebrate the day travelling to the past with the one’s you love. A happy heart and a happy stomach.

5. Don’t hold back on the groceries

This is the time to have those things you shouldn’t buy and things you don’t allow yourself to buy. That forbidden aisle of chocolates will be conquered today. The groceries will make you celebrate this day to an extended time. Everyone is taking but the wise ones plan ahead of time.

eat what you want day

6. Corrupt your friends too

This sinful day to gorge on all those fats and unhealthy food won’t be that fun without the right accomplices. Call up your friends especially those who are on strict diets and the very healthy ones. This day won’t be a success without you corrupting at least one friend into joining your celebration. Doing something wrong never tasted this good.

7. Do dares

Everything you don’t eat or you’re too scared to eat should be an exciting meal. I know it says what you want but you can treat it as another adventure.

8. Test your sense of taste

Try all of the tastes there is. All the food that will test your sense of taste. Spicy. Bitter. Sweet. Salty. Sour. Taste all of them with your buddies. You can even do them with the blindfold eating.

9. Eat like there’s no tomorrow

Eat. Just eat to your heart’s content and your stomachs capability. It’s the main purpose of this day for you to just be free. Be free to choose. Be free to taste.

Did you know that an “Eat what you want/love diet” exists?

The usual diets requires low intake of calories and deprivation of our favorite food, which according to Dr. Mehmet Oz of “The Dr. Oz Show”, a cardiac surgeon at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia in New York City is not the right way to do it. Dr. Oz’s eat what you love diet is the answer to all our prayers. According to Dr. Oz, “You can’t stop eating. It’s like holding your breath indefinitely underwater”.

Nutritionists also believed that a cheat day helps a person keep in form. A person can only endure too long for them to break from it and then snap, eating everything they get their hands on. Controlled cheat days stops us from doing this by moderately satisfying our cravings.

Now, I know that the thought scares a lot of health conscious people out there but you should not be. Instead, you can switch your diet regime for this easy, amazing, effective and fulfilling one.

eat what you want day

Remember the phrase that “Diet” is literally just a letter away from Die? Forget diet because it’s the celebration of food and happiness. Food is happiness. Happy national eat what you want day!