I wish to share with you about my book entitled, “Hope for a Better World”.  You will see at first, its front page as pictured below.

Even Just a Glimpse of Hope

The cover page shows a dandelion. I google about this plant selected by the publisher and it certainly relates to the book. A dandelion, in French, my cultural language, is dent de lion, which means “the lion’s tooth”. This summons the symbol of the lion dealing with courage, pride, and family. It’s also the symbol of the sun.

Pastor George Van Alstine of our Altadena Baptiste Church (ABC) read and actually wrote a testimony for my book “following on the day all authors at the church exhibited their book/writing and they were called scribes”.

As a strong Christian believer, my book is a Hope for a loving, tolerant world where in spite of our ethnic, cultural, religious differences (as found in the Altadena Baptist Church I attended), we express ways to love others, as we are all God’s children.

Even Just a Glimpse of Hope

Monique Mitchell was born and raised in Madagascar as a French citizen, and she received a good French-style education. This led to her work with the United Nations, where her multicultural and comfort in three languages made her a valuable asset for twenty years in several different countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. She has now lived in the United States and has become a faithful part of the congregation. A Sunday morning service would not seem eight without “The French Quarter with Monique Mitchell, Renée and Jean Bouchebel.

For some time, Monique has been trying to bring all her experiences during her life into a clear focus as a spiritual journey. Her book on display, “Hope for a Better World” begins with memoirs from her childhood in Madagascar and leads through the many international experiences she has been privileged to be part of. Out of this, she has developed a website accessed at https://monrama.wordpress.com/2025/07/21/hope-for-a-better-world-with-financial-freedom-through-god-sent-tools. You can click on the link or copy/paste it your browser. You could also use Monrama.Wordpress.com.

And now to wish you all God’s blessings, hoping for you to read my book, please see the back cover of my book, and it says: “Monique is offering you the rose of hope”.