Aren’t we all glad that Netflix have finally decided to feature Goosebumps episodes? Of course, all thanks to R.L. Stine’s literary ingenuity, the book adaptation has got millions of people hooked to the series when it released. Now, with new stuff coming right up, it’s only decent that we take a little step back and revisit some of the Goosebumps episodes that helped shaped this unforgettable series.

It Came From Beneath the Sink! is a total classic and still has its oomph even after all these years. This episode is certainly one of those that will give you a fairly good amount of jump scares and should be on your list of Goosebumps episodes you need to watch again.

We all love the perks of having great luck. For Kat and her family, moving to a huge house in a new location is one of those instances. Unfortunately for young Katrina and her brother Daniel, that luck just took a massive nosedive. Soon after moving in, they unearth something sinister in their new abode and it might just be the culprit behind their family’s long streak of horrible luck. As incident after incident nestle comfortably in their newly established lifestyle, Katrina must find a way to get rid of this evil before things get terribly worse.

Night of the Living Dummy 2 is a great episode you will thoroughly enjoy especially if you are into the really eerie stuff. This is a must-watch for those who have not given the Goosebumps episodes series a chance yet and even for those who enjoy that familiar feeling of nostalgia seeping through when you re-watch this gem for the umpteenth time.

In this Goosebumps episodes, you get to see middle-child Amy battle with her insecurities about not being as good as her older sister Sara or as funny as her younger brother Jed. She was so tired of comparing herself to them that when the time came she acquired a new dummy named Slappy, she decided to have a lot of fun with him and showcase her talent for people to see and enjoy. Then things just went downhill after that. Strange things begin to happen and everyone had no one else to blame but poor Amy. It was never Slappy; after all, he was a mere dummy. Or is he really?

Stay out of the basement is another classic that most people never really get bored of. Perhaps it’s the uniqueness of the plot or maybe because of how it unfolded or maybe even because of that controversial ending. Either way, “Stay Out of the Basement” has always been a great episode and great episodes deserve to be rewatched over and over again. Also, it was always a little exciting watching the Brewer siblings sneak into their basement where their father did loads of weird experiments concerning plants and a little dash of actual people. Despite the warnings their dad gave away, telling them to stay out of the basement, the two curious kids did a lot of trips down there, ultimately leading to them finding out their dad’s most eerie secret.

Say Cheese and Die deserves a spot on this list and not just because it starred Ryan Gosling in all his teenage glory but also because of its really interesting plot that surely kept us on our toes. I’m sure all you Goosebumps fanatics out there remember how young Greg Banks acquired this fancy instant camera. In fact, it was so fancy that it didn’t really work, as a camera should. Instead, it showed potential disasters and accidents waiting to happen involving the person in the photo. Now that’s quite a plot and it will always remain as something iconic in the Goosebumps universe.

The Cuckoo Clock of Doom gives us the essence of time travel gone wrong. This dark episode follows the life of 12-year-old Michael Webster who merely wanted to get back at his troublemaker sister Tara but ends up erasing her from his and his parents’ existence for good; also, he regressed from being 12 to being just a baby all with the help of this antique cuckoo clock his father bought one day. This episode is certainly one of those that you would never hesitate to revisit because it just oozes with excitement and a whole lot of life lessons.