Hollis Arban is one of the authors who hope to have a positive impact upon their reader’s life. Through Arban’s works, he hopes that the readers learn the true beauty of grace, love, and forgiveness. He also hopes that the readers, instead of being bound by the past, can look forward to the possibilities of the future.

Author Profile

Full name: Hollis Arban
Birth date: Febuary 21, 1937
Birthplace: Hillsboro, Alabama
Age: 81
Genre: Fantasy with author’s license to tell reality it as he wishes it to be (styled after L’Amour’s tales of the old west)
No. of Books Written: 1. Three in process.

Interesting Facts

  • Mr. “A” was the nickname given the author by his math students for his love of Algebra the first year he taught and coached middle school football. That first year, none of his players could catch Mr. A on a 100-yard dash with him running backwards. Hollis was still playing competitive touch football in the park at 60 years of age. Now, 81, he coaches and plays tennis with his math students.
  • In Struggles of the Soul, Hal is the author, playing his own story, with author’s license to tell a tale, of course, weaving tales of his youth and mid-life challenges into his novel, as Hal mentors the young fictious family in a beautiful story of family life and friendships as we would all like it. You will see the author’s heart as he interacts with each member of the family.
  • Hollis shows a dark side in Struggles of the Soul, as Hal tells tales over coffee of corporate and personal challenges – sheepishly admitting that he reacted like one of Louis L’Amour’s 19th century Texas gun hands would have. Only those who knew the author can separate the truth from fiction.

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Notable Characters Created

+ Jen

+ Jimmy

+ Marge