It’s July. Probably, even if you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will know that this is one of the hottest months of the year. This time of the year, the temperatures unbelievably climb to an almost boiling point. It is as if the sun is so angry at people that it is wreaking havoc everywhere.

Sure, there are different ways to cool down: set the air conditioner to full, stock up on cold drinks, and of course, wear the comfiest and most breathable articles of clothing you own. Fashion choices at this time are especially crucial because without weighing in on what they are made of, their colors, and their cut, one could suffer all summer round.

Have you been wondering what clothes you can wear to still look fashionable and making the heat bearable at the same time? Here are some suggestions:

1. Wear crop tops

It doesn’t matter if you have a flat tummy or not; crop tops are definitely going to save you from this hot weather. If you are baring your torso, is there anything else that can make you feel warm? If you are heading to the gym, going grocery shopping, or wants to soak some sun by the beach, this is something that you can wear.

But of course, you can also pair this up with a high waisted skirt and head to work. Who says crop tops should be on the company dress code bans?

2. Invest in a few pairs of printed shorts

Nothing spells summer like playful prints. Somehow, they become signals that the warm weather is finally here because stores will already be teeming with printed articles.

If you are spending the weekend with friends, want to take a stroll, run errands, or basically just do anything and want something wearable and fresh, a pair of printed shorts will save you. Get a few pairs in different pairs and colors to spice up your summer.

what to wear during a heatwave

3. Take out those sleeveless shirts

Surely, you have a pair of sleeveless shirts tucked neatly in your cabinet. Now is the time to take them out.

Sleeveless shirts can be worn to different occasions and places. The more casual ones are perfect for pairing printed shorts with when you are spending the day out. You can also choose ones with more formal details when you need a perfect-for-hot-weather top.

4. Go happy and feminine with printed sundresses

Do you love the look of Allie or Jamie Sullivan? Both movie characters are known for their romantic love stories, but most importantly, they are remembered for their pretty vintage and printed sundresses.

Prints are always a wonderful thing to have during summer, and these dresses can go from lazy days of people watching by a café or for some serious meetings in the office. Who can ever go wrong with a lovely dress?

5. Add flowy skirts to your staple

Some girls don’t really like wearing skirts, but during summer, they can save your life. Flowy skirts made of breathable materials are any girl’s best friend because they are so breathable and easy to wear throughout the day.

6. A light romper

Rompers are a favorite of women and for a good reason – they are trendy and summer-friendly, too. Wear your romper for meeting friends. If you wear one in a perfect length, you can also just wear a coat over it and have a happy and cool time in the office.

7. Use a scarf with UV protection

There are many scarves available in the market, and they are good for different seasons. For summer, pick one with UV protection. You can keep these wherever you go and protect your face and body from the harmful rays of the sun.

what to wear during a heatwave

8. UV-coated sunglasses are a must

The glare of the sun can torture the eyes. Make sure that you avoid the damage they will bring by always bringing sunglasses with you. There are so many trendy designs and materials that you can choose from but as a minimum requirement, always see to it that it is coated with UV protection.

9. Invest in hats

Hats are not just pretty, they are very functional, too. Always keep a stash of hats that you can use for different places. If you will be out to run errands, a nice pair of baseball caps with a nice visor can protect you. If you will be out for a day at the beach, you can wear an oversized hat to make sure you are fully protected against the harmful sun.

10. Take the sandals out

Sandals are pretty, comfortable, and very breathable so they should be your best friends this summer. Pick different styles for different occasions, mix and match and your overall summer look will be perfect.

what to wear during a heatwave

Summer is torture to some, but if you are someone who knows exactly how to use different fashion articles to protect yourself from the sun and survive the heat, summer doesn’t have to be boring.