With Donald Trump visiting countries overseas like Scotland, Belgium, Europe, and Russia to meet with foreign leaders, Jimmy Kimmel, host of Emmy-winning late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, decides to send his team out on an important mission – ask a random passerby to name one country on the map.

Set in Hollywood Boulevard, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! team armed themselves with a world map and a pointer stick. With high expectations, are these passersby up to the challenge?

Right from when these people were asked to name a country on the map, they started panicking. One even asked, “Shouldn’t I have been taught this in school?”

The result isn’t exactly what you would expect. The first few people were unable to identify a country even when they were given hints. If that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, they even incorrectly called a continent a country! No matter how bad your grades in geography while in school, you should still be able to identify where your country is located on the world map, right?

Before losing all hope, it is a good thing that there was a saving grace! A kid impressively identified several countries on the map. Which then leads us to quote Jimmy Kimmel’s words at the end of the segment, “Well, if you didn’t believe that the children are our future before, now you do.”

Watch the full “Jimmy Kimmel Live! Can You Name a Country” clip below to see how the whole thing went down:

What are your thoughts upon knowing that these people failed to name a country successfully? How about you? Will you be able to point and identify even one country on the world map?