Karen was raised in a very small town in the beautiful state of Alaska, and she has been married for thirty-one years. She has three children and three grandchildren. Her dream has always been to write. She has always been interested in the supernatural and all that it entails. She feels her true calling is to teach, whether that is on a ball field, in a classroom, or through the pages of a book. So when she decided to write about the psychic world she contacted a well-known psychic/medium and had a sit down to gain as much knowledge for her book. (via Balboa Press)

Author Profile

Full name: Karen A. Burger
Birth Date: November 18, 1966
Age: 51
Pen Name: Karen Burger
Genre: Fiction, Children and Romance.
No. of Book Written: 1

Interesting Facts

  • Karen was born and raised on her grandfather’s homestead in Kasilof, Alaska, where she still resides today.
  • When she writes, it always comes from the heart, never knowing exactly what will come about, she puts it all down in notebooks and goes from there. Sometimes it will be about something that may have happened to or around her throughout her life or at times she dreams of a story and puts it to paper.
  • Karen has and still talks with her friend and real life psychic, Tesa Harster.

Featured Books

Notable Characters Created

+ Charlene Ensley

+ Alice Beaumont

+ Jake