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Full name: Lawrence Joseph Rizzo
Age: 64
Birthdate: June 29, 1954
Birth Place: Wilmington, Delaware.
Pen Name: Larry
No. of Books Written: 2

Interesting Facts

  • I started my life as a 15-year-old mason Labor at .50 cents an hour and I moved up the ladder as a Bricklayer, Forman, in the office doing Payroll, Accounts Payable, Job cost, and then Owner.
  • After making it to the top, I got very sick and could not return back to work. I had no more funds coming in, and because of it, I lost my home, and the car, which caused me to become sad and feeling down. So I slept a lot. One night I had a dream about two wales pushing a barge up a river. When I woke up I had to type it up in the story. This would become my first book, and got me off the floor.
  • I did not go back to my Family Business, I could not handle the stress. I had them buy me out monthly. I went to work for Home Depot. In 2009 it was two days from Easter, I was on my Power Scooter when I hit a hole and disabled myself for life. I was in rehab for 10 months and could not walk or eat by myself; I can do a lot now but, not walk. The Government Disabled check now comes in and helps us.
  • 2015 was where I dreamed and wrote about Heroes the Time Travelers of Time. A father finds a way to change a cell phone into a time wave and goes back into time to bring back his son back to life.

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