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legalizing marijuana in the US

So, the International stoner day 4/20 happened two days ago! You must have puffed the hell out of that joint in one go, extracted the cannabis juice to make pot brownies, or you just simply blazed while watching your favorite movie with a big bag of nachos sitting on your lap.

Whether you use it to chill and recreate or you use it for medication and to relieve chronic pains, the drug has been giving so much benefits to users who have been smoking it for a long or short time. But there are still a few who believes in the misconceptions and the myths that goes with smoking marijuana and there are states in our country who still refuses to legalize even though some neighboring states already did. And I don’t blame them though, everyone is free to form an opinion.

Let me take you to the magic school bus (hope you appreciate the reference) as we tackle about understanding the legalization and how it affected us as a whole.

Understanding Why It Is Legal Today

Marijuana has been sailing through rough waves just to make it to the promise land, when I mean by rough waves, I mean by the on and off debate whether legalizing it or not, and when I mean by promise land, I mean the full support from the supreme court to finally agree that Marijuana should be legalize in the US. I hope you get the picture.

Former-president Barrack Obama said in an Interview for Rolling Stone Magazine, “Look, I’ve been very clear about my belief that we should try to discourage substance abuse,” “And I am not somebody who believes that legalization is a panacea. But I do believe that treating this as a public health-issue, the same way we do with cigarettes or alcohol, is the much smarter way to deal with it.”

More details about the interview: Marijuana should be treated like cigarettes or alcohol.

So what he is trying to say is that Marijuana shouldn’t be considered the complete solution for all difficulties and remedies, despite its tremendous benefits in the medical and psychological field, a person can still be chronically addicted to it and develop a drug dependency just like those who are alcoholics and one-pack a day cigarette smokers. But here is the catch, it’s not the substance to be blame but the individual. If you are smoking weed then you should always do it in moderation. Socrates once said that ‘all things in moderation, including moderation.’

legalizing marijuana in the US

The term moderation is subjective though, my moderate could not be moderate for you. I don’t want to shift or focus about the philosophy about moderation. But nevertheless, what I am trying to say is that overindulging in Cannabis will do more harm than good.

But if it fancies you, reading about the topic of moderation, there is one article that tries to answer what moderation means.

Okay so going back about Marijuana. Instead of the government preventing the citizens into smoking weed, their approach is to give them our freedom but also with the wisdom of ‘okay we are not stopping you, but I am telling you that I told you so and you should use it wisely’.

How it Affect Us

Even though that it is already legalized in most parts of our country, it doesn’t mean that everybody is on board (This is my second use of metaphors about boats). Legalizing marijuana in the US still sparks controversy and debates and there are still disagreements about using it or not. But one thing is for sure, we are much lenient about the topic and many are very open about it. Not all are embracing the change but at least our society is changing perception.

You might be thinking if I also roll the joint and that is: No, I haven’t. I never really had that strong desire for trying it but reading about its benefit for medical purposes is very astounding. Many report about using cannabis oil for cancer patient to erase the excruciating pain they feel, it is said to decrease the frequency of tics for people who suffer in Tourette Syndrome, and many people have been using marijuana to ease the anxiety, panic attacks and even depression.

You also see what I mean? If legalizing marijuana in the US didn’t happen today, I wouldn’t ever thought of educating myself about it and learning how helpful it is in the medicinal world. That is also one thing that is prevalent in our society today: and that is giving interest in educating one’s self about this herbal drug.

Cannabis Today

More and more people are using Cannabis. In today’s society, it’s not really a big deal anymore if you use it or not (unless you live in the state where it’s still considered illegal). But predictions say, Marijuana will be legalized in all parts of America in the very near future.

Are you aboard with the said prediction? Or are you still having doubts about it? Share your thoughts.