Author Profile

Full name: Roland J. Bain
Birth Date: March 19, 1928
Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 90
Genre: Fashion Designs – Female Apparel – 1920’s Hollywood
No. of Books Written: 2

Interesting Facts

  • After receiving Master’s Degree in Petroleum Geology from UCLA, did research as a Fulbright Scholar at the French Petroleum Institute and studied at the Sorbonne – Paris, France.
  • 7 years of being a Columnist for The Sacramento Union (oldest daily newspaper west of the Mississippi)
  • Honorary Memberships in two Professional Associations – U.S. and International.
  • Published book: ENTER THE ENEMY, A French Family’s Life Under German Occupation.
  • Publishing Book: WHY HER? WHY NOT ME?, Lose of Two Wives Leaves Father to Raise Two Families.

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Notable Characters Created

+ Marianne Dunat