After playing the role as Simon Spier in the movie Love, Simon, we can’t forget about the character that Nick Robinson in the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s sequel, Jurassic World. Jurassic World is where Robinson played the role of Zachary “Zach” Mitchell.

In the Jurassic World movie, Zach is the firstborn son of Karen and Scott. Together with his younger brother, Gray, whose role is played by Ty Simpkins. In the movie, their mother decided to bring them to the Jurassic World where her mother’s younger sister, Claire Dearing, is the Park Operations Manager. Then an incident happened during their trip; an Indominus rex escaped and attacked the place.

During one of his interviews, Nick Robinson said when asked what it was like when he found out he is playing the role, “I was blown away, yeah. I was a little bit shocked that anyone on that level would be interested, but I tried to approach it like I would any other film even though it’s difficult, something of this size. I think it was about maybe 4 months before we set foot on set that I had any idea that somebody was interested, and Colin and I sat down with Ty [Simpkins] in the audition room and kind of went over everything.”

nick robinson in jurassic world: fallen kingdom

Robinson said he got a call when he found out he got the role, “It was a call. I was driving home and got a call from all of my agents who were on the line together and you know it’s gonna be really good news or really bad news when that happens, and it turned out to be really good news and I had to wait the whole ride home before I could tell anyone, and even then I could only tell my immediate family”.

Asked if he was surprised upon seeing all of the finished effects of the movie, he said, “It was definitely bigger than I could’ve imagined. The scope is just huge, the shot of the fully-functional park where it goes out the window across the whole landscape, or the I-Rex, the Indominus Rex and how freakin’ scary that thing is. There is so much of the movie that you’re not a part of. I was only around for my parts, I shot about four months, from April to August, and to see the rest of it all come together was awesome.”

He was also asked what other dinosaurs would he like to see. Robinson answered, “I’d like to see them explore more real dinosaurs that have not been introduced to the Jurassic world yet, I know they did the mosasaurus, the big water one, that’s a real dinosaur. And maybe they could do the megalodon next time, the big ol’ shark. They introduced some pteranodons which are the smaller pterodactyls so yeah, I think it would be fun what more real-life creatures they could introduce. The hybrid thing, that’s a whole other can of worms.”

Although Robinson wasn’t really a fan of dinosaurs, he’s still amazed by the idea of the prehistoric animals. “It’s funny. It’s crazy to think that they really existed. There’s all this stuff with Game of Thrones and dragons and stuff, but we actually did have something similar millions of years ago.”

Digging Deeper: All About Nick Robinson

Born in Seattle, Washington on the 22nd of March 1995, Nick Robinson is an American actor who first appeared in stage productions like A Christmas Carol and Mame. He also starred in Melissa and Joey, a television sitcom. Before Robinson became part of the movie Jurassic World and had the role of Zach Mitchell, he first became Joey Toy, one of the main casts in The Kings of Summer. Then came The 5th Wave, where he played the role of Ben Parish, Olly Bright from Everything, Everything and portraying the gay Simon Spier in the movie Love, Simon. After the release of the film Love, Simon, a lot of people were intrigued whether he is gay or not, but during his interview with Ellen Degeneres, he confirmed that he is not gay and is straight.

He may look shorter, but his height is 1.88m. He is the oldest in their family with seven other siblings. He graduated from Campbell Hall School in 2013. He was first discovered when his parents put him in a theatre program named Broadway Bound. He then was accepted in New York University in 2013 just before he graduated high school in Campbell Hall.

In one of his interviews, he said when asked whether his life in high school is controlled chaos: “I like to think now I put a lot of emphasis on balance. I mean there are moments of chaos, but it’s balanced by moments of serenity or reflection. I might have a very messy room, but the rest of the house is clean. In high school I was similar. High school is chaotic enough as it is, but I probably did help it along a little bit. I went to a few different schools—I bopped around a bit, and I think I got pretty good at fitting in and finding different groups that I could hang out with. In one way that’s a great thing, and in other ways not so much. You lose, I think, the consistency and the depth of relationships that you would have if you were to stay at one place all four years.”

Although we haven’t seen Zach and Gray in the movie trailer Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a lot of fans are voting for their return in the upcoming movie. Also, there are some pieces of evidence of him coming in the Jurassic World sequel. But would he really be there?

“I don’t know. It is all very top secret, hush kind of stuff, but they are definitely cooking up something good. I am sure there is going to be a bunch of new dinosaurs, new characters and I know that Chris and Bryce are coming back, but it is all kind of up in the air right now.”