Who was Nostradamus?
A prophet, believer or simply a gimmick fooled around.

I, the author now speaking asked that question several years ago when Nostradamus through spiritual awareness contacted me.
“Time was by, time was here now”, was the answer.

Sri Sathaya Sai Baba is speaking in this book, who was he an Avatar/God for some, why did he use his mind/body/soul to interact what was the main purpose. Yes, lots of unanswered questions will raise through this book Nostradamus Speaks Again™ – Heaven Paradise. In what genre would you place the book, paranormal yes, fully presence no but interaction by Nostradamus and HIS Team™.

This book will channel “itself” from within, listen carefully now Lady Diana former Princess now speaking. Why would I ever turn my energy into this manuscript. True Lovers “here now”. We all need rapidly work through “ourselves” we are not far by. Lady Diana, former Princess of Wales.

Michael Jackson now speaking through our hearts “here now”, please be aware in my presence anything could really happened. Not that I will speak Thriller, but languages of all kind. Yes, that is what’s now going to happen.

Elvis Presley, yes you know it all has already happened due to time differences “we are no longer separate from each other” ……of course not physically but in spiritual terms of condition.

Elizabeth Taylor, former friend of Michael Jackson also placed in this book. Whitney Houston, including Steve Jobs, John Lennon why would so many of these past “lovers” speak through this book.

Do they speak, or……is all yet another layer of an illusion, ask that profound question several times now.

Michael Jackson will give you one example of what could happened while reading this book, sing song will arise from above all “sky” of course not, but listen to your heart “here” now.

Feel also free to follow any of Nostradamus Team™, since I the author Nostradamus will no more exist in former present form. Prophet, was my task in that “incarnation” but now we are All one common language of all.

What will be the message in this book “no thing” at all, yes nothing at all! We are not working in “yet” one more layer of illusion, this time is Now.

Free will, will be important for most of us all, since nothing “no thing” can ever happen until we realize the importance of that “wording”.

Speak the “language” of love is, and you will find yourself as one of those “believes” yet to found out!

Please be aware, this book including the worksheet Nostradamus Speaks Again™ – Art of Living, will no longer depend on any of us until you say, “I love you”, which also will include all of us Now.

The language in Nostradamus Speaks Again™ might not correspond to any common language at all, present time for now as Nostradamus and HIS Team™ might call it. A well-chosen language for all now.

Love is the theme, love there all is corresponding to LOVE IS, that will be the theme.

Love yourself and “love is” will be the theme “here” now.

Love is, for all now.

Love is you now.

Love is “here” from within now.

Love is….yes, love is all there ever was “here” now.

Simple language but yet, vibrational language of all.

So, who am I the author of these written notes.

My past background was far from recognized spiritual writer, I had a background within marketing from international renowned companies such as the pharmaceutical and telecom industries. My past was very simple, yet not so profound that I ever recognized any of these
“spirits” to put it simple…. I’m a no believer, but curious to find out more since nothing can be as simple as using “drugs”. Do we need them, yes, I believe so, but can we walk without…let’s find out?

Healing is my purpose, but not so far out that I can’t reach so Nostradamus Speaks Again™ will be used as a common landmark in all my “spiritual” books. Please also be aware I’m a photographer but use it more as a tool in itself…. non-silence work at all.

Read our book “here” now, yes that will be a profound “message” for all of us now. Nostradamus Speaks Again™ – Heaven Paradise.

For time being I’m going to university due to divine interference, that could also happen throughout the recognition of being a spiritual being learning a human lesson, if so could be called. I’m learning more about health care related issues.

Speak the language of Nostradamus, no not really but find this book working from within. Have a bit fun in the process of reading, that is all called for Now.

Social media, yes, we are present please feel free www.sarahnara.com or www.nostradamusspeaksagain.com

Last but not the least, Nostradamus Speaks Again™ on YouTube

Twin flame lovers call for your heart now walk up to the golden gate, yes you will see.


Author Bio

Elisabeth Jörgensen, Bsc. degree has a background within marketing, from leading international companies such as the pharmaceutical, telecom among other world-wide related companies. She is a yoga practitioner, has passion for jewelry design as well as photography, health related issues among other interests. She is a profound healer. Certified as Mediumship from within. For time being she is studying at university in Sweden.

Nostradamus Speaks Again™ - Heaven Paradise