Pamela Justine Towill is more than just a housewife and riding school proprietor. She’s also a writer who showcases her love for animals in her books. She currently has six books in publication.

Author Profile

Full name: Pamela Justine Towill
Birth date: September 26, 1926
Age: 91
Birth Place: Calcutta, India
Occupation: Housewife, Riding School Proprietor, Founder.
Pen name: Pamela Justine Dowley-Wise
Published Books: 6

Interesting Facts

  • Created a riding school at Wildwoods in 1976.
  • Breeding horses and ponies.
  • Rescued horses and other animals, including 3 one day old abandoned lambs from a slaughterhouse, a one-day-old piglet, and 6 newly born wild baby rabbits abandoned in the stables muck heap.
  • Helping my daughter Anthea Chambers with the successful running of our family Riding Centre, WILDWOODS RIDING CENTRE. Approved by THE BRITISH HORSE SOCIETY since 1976. Now also a BHS training and examination center and RIDING FOR THE DISABLED.

Featured Books

Love letters from Bill were discovered by me in 2017, three years after he died. These were written to me in India, when I was 17years old in 1943/44 when I met Bill out there. (We were married in UK later in 1948) He was in the Special Force, The CHINDITS, fighting the Japanese for 6 months in the Burma jungles, aged 23 years, in command of his Gurkha soldiers, B company, 3/9 Gurkha Rifles. To view my 6 books and especially my latest book, type in Pamela Justine Dowley-Wise (my maiden name) in books.. where they can be viewed and are all available for purchase.