Dr. Hofmann has journeyed to the four corners of the earth on missions and as a student to Antarctica. He enjoys talking about the miracles he has shared with indigenous Indian friends, noting that God reaches us when we get away from our safe zone. He has won acclaim for his oil painting and his multi-media experimental art. Being a scientist and an artist is so fascinating and wonderful. Our imagination is a gift from God that allows us to see beyond the confines of the dogma of others. (via Amazon)

Author Profile

Full name: Peter Hofmann
Birth date: January 10, 1950
Birthplace: Fortaleza, Brazil
Age: 68
Pen Name: Dr. Peter Hofmann
Genre: Mystery/Supernatural non-fiction
No. of Books Written: 1
Website: for book purchase CosmicCrossroadCountdown.com

Interesting Facts

  • Dr. Hofmann was born in Brazil and grew up overseas the son of a diplomat, becoming a doctor serving world missions among many indigenous Indian groups.
  • His hobbies include astronomy and paleontology, extensive studies in theology and eschatology, wilderness camping and photography, tennis and scuba diving, and many successful years of experimental art painting.
  • His missions: “Answers on the Rock” and “ToGodBtheGlory.org” have reached out to thousands over the last 5 years.

Featured Books

Concepts created

+ The Wheels of Time

+ The Cross in the Wilderness

+ The Cosmic Crossroad

+ Lost Time

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