When a child asks you to recommend a Goosebumps book, what would you say: Would you pick out the less traumatizing ones? Or will you want to give them the Scariest Goosebumps books of all time? Well, it is more fun to scare them so give them the ones with that give the biggest scare! It makes them tougher as they grow up too! Here are 5 scariest Goosebumps books that we’ve listed just for you:


Night of the Living Dummy is a saga. It is composed of a series of books, which features either Slappy the Dummy or Mr. Wood or even both of them. The idea of a living, talking ventriloquist dummy can give you the creeps, especially when you have one sitting right beside your bed.

It Came from Beneath the Sink can be scarier when you have to do the dishes and you’ve just read this book. Just thinking of having to stand in front of the sink for a period of time while imagining the lurking monster underneath can give you a hard time finishing your job.

Monster Blood is another Goosebumps book that features an evil gelatinous substance that can devour anything and anyone – in its way.

Say Cheese and Die isn’t meant to keep memories but to show you how you would die instead. It can definitely get the most shrilly scream out of you!

One Day at Horrorland is an amusement park. Don’t worry the rides won’t kill you, the monsters will. So, enter if you dare.

R.L. Stine really has a knack for scaring kids. Have you been scared to a shriveling mess as a kid by his Goosebumps series? Tell us what book made you feel a creeping fear the most.