Silent but Strong Hero, Releasing Your Power and Purpose

Have you ever wondered if superheroes are real? There will be no doubt after reading the mind-jarring and heart-awakening story of Heroine Beatrix. Her story offers evidence that real life, is stranger than fiction! And, this book is right on time for both delivery and content of the heroic deeds our suffering world stands in desperate need of. But how are superheroes made, or are they born? And, do we all possess hidden and untapped superpowers within us? Beatrix would say, “Yes!” What new discoveries will we make, by passing through the mysterious doorway cracked open for exploration, that Beatrix proclaims is only of God himself?

Beatrix arose from the ashes of despair and disadvantage. Her early years and adult life were not pretty! She faced and conquered many of the atrocities that are currently destroying our world. She was molded by background of violence, addiction, abuse, psychological warfare, and religion gone bad. By all standards, this should have made her weak and dysfunctional, but instead, it created a beast within her who learned to transform the bad into justice for the suffering. But how was it that Beatrix was able to tap into what seems supernatural powers and strength for survival? Beatrix had spent a lifetime overcoming all the abuses she experienced, replacing it with the opposite in servitude and care for others. Her story will leave you perplexed at her ability to draw upon the horrific negative circumstances, then transforming it to paradoxical strategies that left any opponents dazed and confused.

As we are watching our world crumble, Beatrix was able to call upon the negative scars from the past and present day, then having enough faith to allow Gods transformation of her into a spiritual conquering beast! When her life took the turn, we think only happens in movies or nightmares, how did she find the inner strength to walk a danger-riddled path of dark powers, with only Gods counsel and the tools he allowed her to use? Most of us claim to believe in a supreme higher power, but if faced with her odds, what would we choose? Her story reveals a spiritual awakening most of us have never known, including Beatrix before this war began.

Silent but Strong Hero, Releasing Your Power and Purpose

There comes a time we are forced into battle because the war comes to our own doorstep. Will we have the courage to answer? History has countless stories at the brink of destruction, when God used the weak and downtrodden to defeat the evil from overcoming the people. This ensures that only God gets the credit and that people will experience His great power of conquering all things needed. It’s often said, “that history always repeats itself.” Are we standing before a critical moment in history that others will be reading about in the future? Might we find the courage and spiritual guidance needed to seize this moment in time and save ourselves, or just become an atrocity of yet another humankind disaster? What hope remains if not that of a Higher Power in a world of killers, thieves, and drug dealers? A story of spiritual warfare no less than that of Biblical proportions, very much like what we all presently face daily.

The author’s unique and “off the beaten path” style of writing paints a colorful world for the imagination, leaving the readers mind-awakened, heart-pounding, and are hungry for more. Mindscope Seven has carefully woven a beautiful tapestry of true-life difficulties, while taking our minds on a feast of history that changed the very fabric of all our lives. This first book in the series is purposely written to offer immediate tools for current-day, with other books to follow, accounting a lifetime of intricacies that led up to this cataclysmic time and development of Beatrix. Her story offers us all new hope that the spiritual world holds doorways that religion has not revealed. And, perhaps if we ourselves can cross over into true spiritual intimacy, it may offer the keys we desperately seek to unlock the doors we have stood behind. Rare opportunities only linger for a period, and then we relinquish our own power to change the trajectory of our own despair. This is such a time…

“There comes such a time in our lives when the decisiveness between courageous or cowardly actions becomes so critical that the entirety of humankind suffers a threat” – Mindscope Seven


Book Excerpt: Chapter 5, page(s) 88-90

 Times of Choosing

Silent but Strong Hero, Releasing Your Power and Purpose

So, why do we detach from the truth, choosing paths that lead us to destinations that we hate upon arrival? What are we thinking, when faced with decisions, big or small, making us prefer one path to another? Imagine, for a moment, two strings with objects tied to one end, and a person holding the other end. The strings are slowly being pulled down two different paths, but you do not know where the paths lead, they are just saying, “Come on, this way! Come on, this way!” On the first string, you see carefully tied images of money: a beautiful home, prestige, a nice car, extravagant vacations to your favorite places, abundant food, and lots of friends to enjoy the bounty. The person holding the string is quite good-looking. Well dressed, and with words slipping like butter from a smooth tongue, so tantalizing, so beautiful! This person has it all and so surely knows the path to choose. Behold! You can’t even take your eyes off this stunning individual. You’re thinking, it’s my lucky day; my ship has come in! You look behind you to make sure no one will follow your footsteps, because this treasure is meant for you alone. You have worked hard, and you deserve it! What about my family? you wonder but then quickly reassure yourself, Oh, they will be fine; they will adjust, when they see what I bring back to them. Man, I am the bomb! You look around one more time, making sure the coast is clear. Whew, no one is following me! You begin walking, without a single question, following the tempter who offers you such opportunity. You know if you question anything, you may lose out on the treasure. You begin walking, trying to grab the end of the string, which escapes your fingers each time you attempt to grab it. But you are determined to get it. You just try harder and walk even faster. No one will take what’s yours!