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In Split Second Decision I’s explosive conclusion, Douglas (a well-known criminal consultant) leaves his daughter Anita (a young lawyer) in a spiderweb he can no longer control, to match wits with Dante (a Black market kingpin). The mind boggling experiences filled with perils, deceit, and hardships that Anita and her family face keep the readers in suspense.

After Anita is apprehended from her home, her family face their own trial and tribulations in their quest in finding their loved one.

Now, in the clutches of Dante, Anita is forced to play a game of chess to see who checkmates. Needing a ‘not guilty’ verdict to keep his kingdom, he coerces her to be his lawyer by exploiting and drugging her best friend Carolyn as collateral.

Forced to take a tour of his black market empire, to which brings him much joy, she witnesses his cruel and barbaric ways that repulse her. Her observations of the strength and courage displayed by the captives’ gives her hope that she’ll soon be free to take the man down.

The many experiences she faces teach her to be manipulative and a survivor. The balance of power between Anita and Dante shifts several times in this fast paced action filled ride.

This book(s) is for mature teens and adults

Standing Up for What is Right


The Split Second Decision set is dedicated to the millions of people missing worldwide. Abduction, murder, and human trafficking have become the world’s second largest criminal activity worldwide. Although fiction, Split Second Decision set not only encompasses real life situations, it also shows courage, strength, deceit, bonding, but also adds a touch of humor, black magic, and spirituality.


Real life drama inspires the writer. The media covers the surface but there’s so much more to be shared. As with real life, there is always the good with the bad. Although based on facts, Split Second Decision set is fiction and the writer tends to show both sides to give a better understanding of the situation.

The difference about Split Second Decision set

Most story lines on this topic focus on finding their loved one but Split Second Decision set goes one-step further.

Split Second Decision II Apprehended is about a young lawyer who is forced to defend a kingpin based on his criminal activity empire and the struggles she faces. It focuses on what could happen behind closed doors and through the twists and turns it will surprise the readers.

Standing Up for What is Right

Readers should buy this book

The readers will be moved at how one person can change a situation even in the world of criminal activity. And perhaps motivate them to stand up for what they believe in. Thanks to the good work of people, like Ashton Kutcher, many young captives are now free.


Before writing the Split Second Decision set, Vickie Swan researched the events and turned it into fiction to give the full impact of what could really happen in these camps.

Being an enthusiast for action, drama and mystery, she incorporates these into her writing along with humor, spirituality, and black magic.

The twists and turns that her novel takes the readers down a path of unknown mysteries and surprises.

Stepping out of her comfort zone, Vickie volunteered to do a weekly radio show for the little station in her hometown. She enjoys working with the elderly, the outdoors, and theatre. Being a Reiki master and learning acupressure, she likes to use alternate therapy whenever possible.

The author most inspiring to Vickie is Agatha Christie.

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