Author Profile

Full name: Susan Neal Chandler
Age: 51
Birthdate: August 16
Birth Place: North Carolina
Pen Name: MindScope Seven
No. of Books Written: 1
Genre: Spirituality, Social Sciences, Memoir, Self Help, Religion, Psychology,Youth, Family

Interesting Facts

  • MindScope Seven’s paradoxical style allows her to access information and people on a more universal platform. Thus, creating a charismatic space inviting vast sectors of people and ideas to meet. This diplomatic system of design is the single most interesting fact about MindScope Seven; As all roads lead to this rooted dichotomy of self, becoming the crux of counterintuitive solutions.
    So, to sum it up: How does this equation work?
    a) Paradoxical Nature, + b) Charismatic appeal to a vast and opposing sectors = c) Diplomacy.
    What is the Integrating Factor of this Differential Equation? SPIRITUAL

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