Tallulah Banks has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Public Administration. She is also the founder of Horsedust Productions – a ministry dedicated to uplifting people in fun and innovative ways. This book contains an intimate and up-close look at life as a prisoner. (via author’s website)

Author Profile

Birth Date: December 12, 1969
Age: 47
Genre: Spiritual, Inspiring True Story.
Your Website: Tallulahbanks.com
No. of Book Written: This is my first book debut. However, I have two other books finished waiting for publication.

Interesting Facts

  • I went on a missionary trip when I was 18 to Mexico. The project was to lay the foundation hot, them for a church. Holy crap it was so hot, no running water or AC. Once, and only once. I went to their outdoors outhouse, just about as I was going to sit down, a pig snorted his way up the toilet. UGH! The delicacy there were turtle eggs…..I politely declined.
  • We also went to Alcapulco. Children would wait till you were done eating at a restaurant and then quickly gobble up the food you left behind on your plates. It really was heartbreaking it made you want to rid the world of poverty.
  • The next year, I went on a missionary trip to Jamaica after hurricane Gilbert devastated the entire country. The school was destroyed so most of us taught and winged school subjects while the men began construction repairs. Both trips were 2 months long. During recess, all the kids would make this long line to spin them around. So little made the kids happy. Lunch was always rice, but they did’t care. They both were life-changing experience. It was good because at 18 and 19 you really need a slap on the but to put things in perspective

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