Here you are, reading this marvelous list of movies that have captured our hearts and moved our lives. Prepare for the Nostalgia. We really do honor how movies affect our lives, especially when we were younger, how it helped us complete an enjoying childhood. At my age, it was the years of innovation in Disney and Pixar movies. It was also the time of sentiments and grief when watching a good movie in class back in High School with a hunchback TV.

Maybe, I am not only talking about movies that made our childhood but also movies that we have watched in our young-adolescent stage. So whatever timeline you may have watched the movies, It’s no doubt, that these are just some of the movies that made us who we are.

1. Lion King

movies that made us

Now won’t you look at that, a Disney movie is the first one in this list? It’s so difficult not to mention a Disney movie that totally embellished our total childhood and Lion King is just one of them. I remembered bursting into tears while watching this movie in my parent’s room when Simba found Mufasa dead after a stampede.

2. The Breakfast Club

This movie made detention feel like it’s a great place to be (unless if you are with diverse and profound people) but all of us know that detention suck. I love the part when John Bender held his fist up to the air while the song ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ starts playing and the ‘sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club’ at the end of the movie.

3. Nanny McPhee

movies that made us

There is this certain warmth when watching this film. It does elaborate on the message that we shouldn’t ‘judge a book by its cover’ type of message. This used to be a movie back when I was in High School that our teacher would let us watch. The good old days.

4. Freedom Writers

If you are an aspiring author or a writer. These are just one of the movies that really did inspire you to do better in your writing. Everybody in our Literature class was so happy that we had the advantage to watch this film. Up until now, this movie is still close to my heart. And if you ask some of my fellow writer friends, they would say that they really love this movie too.

5. Home Alone

movies that made us

The cute and young Macaulay Culkin who really did defy the laws of physics, medicine, and human anatomy. Remember when you watched this together with your family? Well, if you didn’t watch it with your family, I do bet that you watched it with people really close to you.

6. Jurassic Park

Dah-dah-dah-dah-dah… oh I am sorry I am just humming the theme song of this movie. I am silently judging you if you don’t know how Jurrasic Park’s theme song goes. I am also slightly judging you if you have never watched this movie ever in your life. Not that I am forcing you to watch it though, but really, you should consider it.

7. Edward Scissorhands

movies that made us

Do you still remember how satisfying this movie is? Besides, the emotional time-bomb that just blows up to you, it actually had some moments that was really soothing. Like Kim defending Edward from the bullies, and I didn’t want to state the obvious but Edward using his scissor- fingers to make art. This movie I also consider, the modern adaptation of Pinocchio.

8. A.I: Artificial Intelligence

Talking about a modern adaptation of Pinocchio, this movie also connotes to an artificial boy who really wants to be a real boy. Some of you might not have watched this yet but it is very renowned and impactful, some of Steven Spielberg’s best works. Here is something amazing about this movie, it is way beyond its time. It still looks futuristic and relevant even if it’s a film from 2001. I even feel like watching it right now. I really miss it.

9. The Parent Trap

movies that made us

Who would have known that two young identical twins have the ability to manipulate their parents to go back together, and spoiler alert, they really did succeed. It would be surreal to know that you have an identical twin somewhere out there and meet them in a summer camp. I would want an identical twin. The world needs two of me.

10. Casper

And last but not the least, Casper. I had a hard time debating which movies are better to be in the final spot. But hear me out, Casper made us feel less scared about ghosts when we were young. Am I right?

That’s the list for today! I am thinking about making a second list of these type of movies that were iconic back in our time. Maybe add some of those that made us think or even made us have the goosebumps.