A lot of kids and kids at heart have been entertained by Goosebumps (both book and television series) in the past few years. Everyone knows that the man behind this is named Robert Lawrence Stine, best known for his pen name R. L. Stine. These well-loved stories usually feature children and their scary encounters with monsters and other supernatural elements. And while you may probably have felt that you know everything about Goosebumps – its characters, the stories that left you sleeping with the lights on, and the lessons they came with – there are still facts that you don’t know.


R.L. Stine’s Career Path as a successful novelist. Robert Lawrence Stine was then the developer and leading writer of Nickelodeon. He had no idea that he would be very famous for scaring children all over the world. He was in fact just asked to do six Goosebumps books but it got so popular that the stories live on even until now.


Fear Street. R. L. Stine actually released Fear Street series before Goosebumps around 1989. This series elaborated the many misadventures of students at the Shadyside High School. It became so successful that it included nearly a hundred novels and have sold 80 million copies around the world.


Goosebumps Books —Banned? The books are actually in the fifteenth most frequently challenged books and is 94th in the list of top banned/challenged books from the year 2000 to 2009. The reason why? Because it is extremely frightening for teenagers and also encourages satanic themes.


It was for girls only. Or in the beginning of Goosebumps at least. Sure, girls love horror stories while guys love action movies and stories. However, after Stine evaluated his fan mails, he soon realized that his book appealed to both fan base.


Monsters Don’t Exist, for a horror writer. R.L. Stine is someone who does not actually believe in the supernatural. He is a huge fan of science, so he doesn’t think that ghouls and ghosts exist. Then why is he is he making his Goosebumps characters that freak so many teens out?

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The Goosebumps Success. Stine initially never imagined ending up writing different stories of horror for teens, he enjoyed massive success since Welcome to Dead House was released. The Goosebumps books have been translated into over 30 languages and have sold 350 million copies. Many of the books also made it to the New York Times Best Seller list for kids.


Meet the Goosebumps Champions in all stories. First, they are mainly middle-class children and are usually located in a remote location or away from typical societal conventions. Also, a lot of times, the characters are sent to live with relatives, relocated to new neighborhoods, or are sent to camps or boarding schools.

Through the years, these Goosebumps stories of characters have been told, adapted for television and movies, and scared children around the world. But, just like all of the stories, these lesser-known facts could endear the writer and his characters more to readers.

We just got to love Goosebumps!