Kimberly Noel Kardashian, the 37-year-old American reality television personality and socialite, is taking the world by storm with every selfie and drama she and her whole family are involved in.

She was first noticed as one of the best friends and stylist of Paris Hilton. A sex tape and a reality show after, you can say that Kim Kardashian is succeeding at getting people’s attention.

Here, we try to keep up with one of the Kardashians through these very little known facts about her:

1. Kim was once Paris Hilton’s stylist.

Who doesn’t know Paris Hilton? Before she became famous, she ran a closet organization and styled several stars like Brandy, Nicole Richie, and Paris Hilton. While their friendship had its own ups and downs, with Paris even saying Kim’s behind looks like cheese stuffed in a trash bag, they were able to pull through. To this day, they still have a few nice things to say about each other through shout outs on social media.

2. Her biggest fear is cellulite.

So many people feel bad about cellulites but for Kim, this is the biggest fear she ever has. She would only go to the beach at certain times of the day when her cellulite can’t be seen. She also told her sister Kourtney that she is crying for her when she got stretch marks during her pregnancy.

3. Her father, Robert Kardashian, had awesome nuggets of wisdom shared to her.

When she was dating Tito Joe Jackson between the ages of 14 and 16, she was told by her father that people are bound to make comments because of their interracial relationships. Her father also wrote her a letter telling her that her body will lead to attention from men but that she should understand her self-worth.

4. History was probably her least favorite subjects in school.

She shared that she would probably have paid more attention to history because during her travels and visits to castles and art galleries “all these kings and queens and families” are being talked about. She admits not understanding any of it.

5. She has been married three times.

Before Kanye West, Kim married a music producer at age 19. However, they divorced three years later. Her second marriage was with NBA superstar Kris Humphries. People know what happened to that marriage.

6. While they have been the subject of many jokes, Kris and Kim’s marriage actually lasted longer.

Sure, that 72-day marriage of Kim and Kris have been documented in Keeping Up with the Kardashians and they have become the butt of many jokes since then (or at least before Kanye came into the picture). Technically, however, their marriage last longer, since legal disagreements dragged the divorce on to two years. They were only granted divorce two months shy of North West’s birth.

7. She uniquely named her babies. Srsly.

When Kim and Kanye announced that their firstborn will be named North, not a few chuckles were concealed. But, they had yet another baby, a son who they named Saint. As she had suffered several complications during her previous pregnancies, the doctor advised against trying to become pregnant again.

The couple had a third child via a surrogate who they named Chicago.

8. She had a famous feud with Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation album is said to be her revenge on the West couple for smearing her name. The timeline started during the 2009 VMAs when Kanye basically stole Taylor’s moment. However, they appeared to have patched things up and Tay was even seen being lovey with the Kardashian-West brood… up until…

When Kanye’s Famous song had some expletives about Taylor in its lyrics, Tay’s never the type to like it. After swipes here and there, Kim stepped up and posted a couple of videos showing “the call” Kanye was talking about. Taylor, not one to take things sitting, spilled more beans and was famously quoted “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative…”

Kim, look what you made Taylor do.

9. Too light foundation is the worst thing for her.

When it comes to looking good on photos, Kim Kardashian is an expert. And much like every other girl, very light foundations are the bane of her existence.

10. Her nude photos that appeared on Paper magazine were unplanned.

For her Paper magazine shot, a fully nude Kim took everyone by surprise, and surprise it was because it was never planned. She basically saw the photographer’s nude shots in the past and decided on a whim to shoot two nude photos. It basically drove her momager Kris Jenner nuts.

Love her or hate her, Kim is enjoying the limelight.