Stephen King is the master storyteller whose published books and ebooks you’d want to hoard for your library. Most of his books are critically acclaimed, and there are even some that got adapted to films. If you are out to fill your bookshelf with Stephen King books, here are some of the published literary masterpieces from him that you should consider buying.

#1. It

As the creator of the archetype of killer clowns, Stephen King writes to scare off both kids and adults alike with It. This book recounts the story of children fighting off childhood horrors in the form of shapeshifting It. Usually, It comes in the form that children are scared of the most.

#2. The Shining

Stephen King’s third novel, The Shining, distinguished King as a great horror novel writer. In The Shining, supernatural horrors occur to a family as they stay behind to take care of the hotel during winter.

#3. Carrie

Another horror novel from King that you should add to the list, Carrie tells the story of a teen who developed telekinesis powers. She then uses this ability to deal with the other teens in her school who torment her.

#4. Salem’s Lot

As the protagonist Ben Mears return home, he finds out that most of the residents in his hometown are slowly turning into vampires. Together with trusted comrades, Mears and the residents-turned-vampires play a game of cat and mouse as one side tries to eliminate the other.

#5. The Dead Zone

Under the sci-fi thriller genre, Stephen King scares you yet again with the novel The Dead Zone. This story centers around the protagonist named Johnny Smith. Smith has been in a coma for four years. Upon waking up from his coma, he learns that he has become a clairvoyant.

#6. Pet Sematary

If your pet dies, will you bury it or resurrect it? Stephen King will thrill you in this horror novel entitled Pet Sematary. Of course, what started to be a dubious attempt at reviving a pet’s carcass escalated to the revival of the dead. How many resurrections in horror novels would actually go well?

#7. Night Shift

The Night Shift is a collection of short stories written by Stephen King. The collection includes stories such as ‘Battleground’, ‘Trucks’, ‘I Know What You Need’, ‘The Last Rung on the Ladder’, and so many more.

#8. Bag of Bones

Written in the perspective of the protagonist Mike Noonan, Bag of Bones tells the story of a life-taking curse that has terrorized the town for years. With the goal of uncovering the mystery surrounding the curse as well as resolving his personal issues, Noonan follows one lead after another.

#9. The Talisman

Twelve-year-old Jack Sawyer journeys out of his comfort zone to find a life-saving crystal called ‘The Talisman’ for his mother’s sake. He eventually ends up in a magical parallel universe. Sawyer escapes one life-threatening event after another during his quest.

#10. Thinner

Published under King’s pseudonym Richard Bachman, Thinner is inspired by Stephen King’s own weight loss journey. The story revolves around Billy Haleck, an obese lawyer, who ran over and killed an old woman. The woman’s much older father cursed him to lose weight uncontrollably.

#11. The Running Man

The Running Man is another novel penned by King and released under his Richard Bachman pseudonym. This sci-fi novel chronicles Ben Richard’s life on the run as he attempts to earn a hefty prize money after joining the era’s popular “hunting” game show.

#12. 11/22/63

If you like time travelers, then Stephen King’s 11/22/63 is the novel to get your hands on. The time traveling plot that involves the protagonist Jake Epping was set in motion after one of the characters aimed to stop President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

#13. Four Past Midnight

Four Past Midnight is Stephen King’s second book compiling several novellas. There are four novellas in this book, namely ‘The Langoliers’, ‘Secret Window, Secret Garden’, ‘The Library Policeman’, and ‘The Sun Dog’.

#14. Black House

Horror novels are certainly King’s trademark. Another one in his lineup, King presents Black House. This masterpiece is the sequel to The Talisman.

#15. Mr. Mercedes

Of course, King is not only proficient in writing horror and sci-fi novels. He also established a name in writing crime novels. Mr. Mercedes, King’s first hard-boiled detective novel, describes Bill Hodges’ endeavor to uncover the mysteries behind Brady Hartsfield, otherwise known as Mr. Mercedes.