Breaking the records and making one of the most significant decision in his administration, President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the 2015 Iran Nuclear agreement causing turmoil and raising mixed reaction from foreign nations. The President showed his conviction with his campaign which turned the event to be a crucial moment internationally televised.

trump pulls out of iran nuclear deal

What Just Happened

In his campaign for presidency, President Trump described the Iran nuclear agreement as the worst deal ever which was the foreign policy legacy of Barack Obama’s administration. Trump spent years opposing the Iran deal and threatening to pull the US out of it. And now that he is the position, he has finally withdrawn US even though some were against his decision. His decision maybe reinforced by the recent successful turnout of his policy towards North Korea. The similar maximum pressure will hopefully extract a better deal from Iran.

President Donald Trump’s move to withdraw the United States from the Iran nuclear deal and restore sanctions on Tehran. Many questioned President Trump’s decision and the legal grounds that United States can enforce Iran to comply. The decision of President Trump raises many uncertainties and greatly affects the relationship of US and Iran. The decision will benefit some countries while hurting other countries. At some point, this may reopen the wounds and long-time dispute over Iranian sanctions between the United States and Europe.

Alternative Plan?

It seems that Trump’s decision in pulling out of the deal does not have an alternative. The unpredictable nature of the president and overconfidence over important matter is often criticized by many. But the President has warned Iran of the possible consequences if the nuclear program will be restarted. As he said on Tuesday from the White House Diplomatic Room, “We will not allow American cities to be threatened with destruction.”

After the World War II, to stop the spread of nuclear weapons in any country has been one of the top priorities of the United States foreign policy. Nuclear weapons are known to be ultimately destructive and catastrophic which must not be possessed by countries as much as possible.

Now that the risk is temporarily gone after President Trump reimpose sanction on Iran. But, this will surely result to the collision of the two countries which will be seen politically, militarily and economically. In other words, US will disconnect with Iran as of the moment.

Possible Effects

Analysts predicts that Trump’s move can possibly result to further isolation of US from its European allies and can possibly create a ripple effect that will reshape global politics. The last time Europe and the United States went head-to-head on the issue, the sitting U.S. president was forced to back down. Will the European union do the same as it did 20 years ago when the Clinton Administration threatened sanction against European Companies? During those times, the European Union deployed statutes and legislative weapons to block the European companies to comply with the United States sanctions.

backlash to US pull out of iran deal in europe

iran pull out backlash

The prime movers and leaders of Germany, France and Britain has been trying to convince President Trump to sustain the Iran deal which they helped to negotiate. The relationship of Trump towards the European union had already been stained as Trump threat to impose tariffs on European products and his withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. Now that President Trump has made up his mind, European leaders are bound to make plans with regards to the abandoned Iran Nuclear deal.

European Union officials met in Brussels Wednesday to pull together legislation aimed at defending European companies from Washington’s new crackdown on Iran. Iran can possibly stay on the deal if European Union would keep their financial commitments to the deal and make up for Tehran’s loss after the result of the new Unites States sanctions. European Union were also considering to persuade Tehran to continue with the deal despite the United States withdrawal that includes option through European Investment Bank financing. While such money might be limited, it would help blunt the impact of Trump’s efforts to block Iran’s access to Western capital markets.

To many of President Trump’s critics and biggest supporters, the decision of pulling US out of the Iran Nuclear deal is one of the most crucial decisions in his term. This will possibly result to a ripple effect both politically and economically. What are your opinion to President Trump’s decision? Share it with us.