Author Profile

Full name: Ulf K. Jensen, M.D.
Birth Date: 05/12/1937
Birth Place: Copenhagen, Denmark
Age: 81
Pen Name: Ulf Jensen
Genre: Medical Mystery, Historical Fiction, Medical Rescues and Financial
No. of Books Written: 6

Interesting Facts

  • Age 16-20: Solo Pianist, Solo Flutist with NYU orchestra, Flutist with Bell Telephone Symphony, New York City Organist and Adult and Children’s Choir Director.
  • Played Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Skied all Northeast US Mountains.
  • Sailed Baltic, Kattegat, Atlantic, Caribbean, Pacific Oceans, British Columbia waters, Puget Sound, San Francisco Bay.
  • Winner of World System Trading Championship 1992

Featured Books

Notable Characters Created

+ Hans

+ Rachel

+ Dr. Lockwood