Authors writing a book will definitely have the intention of publishing their own work. Self publishing a book and getting their masterpiece out there is the fulfillment of their dream to become an author, after all. Before you self publish or traditionally publish a book though, the first thing that you have to do is to figure out who your readers are. After all, you need to do your best in “convincing” these readers that your book is good.

Originally, knowing your readers before self publishing a book means that you need their general statistics – age group, gender, hobbies, interest, and the likes. However, these data are not enough for you to know who are highly likely to become your loyal readers. Getting to know the readers as intimately as possible can increase your readership.

Here are questions to ask when you want to know who your readers are:

What’s your readers’ motivation to read? Are your readers seeking entertainment or information?

What are your readers most concerned about? What are their main problem?

Do you have a solution to your readers’ problem? What approach will you take?

For what reason will your readers buy your book? What makes it stand out?

For what reason will your readers NOT buy your book? What makes them hold back from reading it?

What types of content does your reader prefer? News, blogs, live streams, or podcasts?

Who are your competitors? How do they reach the target readers?

Do your readers have issues with your competitors? How can you take those issues to make your book better?

And now…

If you want to know more about your readers before self publishing a book, what questions would you ask them aside from the ones above?