Social media rules over the world right now and it is already one of the most inevitable things. We can live without it if you think of it, BUT we can hardly live without it and that is another fact. Social media comes in different platforms, this includes; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Messenger, Google, and many more! But which do you think of these are the ones that dominate the most? I think it is easy to identify, right? So if you are thinking of Facebook, then you have guessed it right.

Why Facebook? It is hailed as the biggest social media platform of today. According to some statistics, it has 2.19 billion monthly active users. Imagine how big is that? And the catch is, it is not yet the actual number of users since Facebook only counted those users who had logged in for the last 30 days. We cannot deny the fact that we had enjoyed it so much and how it became so useful to people nowadays.

In order to expound everything, why does Facebook rule the world of social media?

1. It is the trend

Simple, if you do not have Facebook, people will have the tendency to view you as a “primitive” person. That is the reality of today. Facebook simply became a lifestyle. Through this platform, it is always possible that you will become one of the “most friendliest” people! (That is more than superlative!) Why? You can make friends to people whom you really do not know at all! Unless if you have trust issues, though you can always have the liberty to choose your people.

why Facebook rules in the social media world

Facebook also became one of the main sources of being validated through the pictures you post or whatever. The more likes/reactions you get, the more relevant you are. And this validation is quite addictive at some point. It is actually easier to end your diet rather than not using your Facebook, though I know that others may disagree on this. I have a friend before who never used Facebook because he thinks that it is crass, but when he had an account; guess what? He became addicted to it. By this, I can describe Facebook as a drug that you will really die for. But whatever, Facebook still owns the crown!

2. The bearer of all

When someone cannot exactly express what he/she is feeling right now personally, what that person normally does is post his/her current state of mind. “I AM FEELING PISSED RIGHT NOW!” “We are engaged!” “F***** h***!” These are only of the few things that people post on FB. But people who usually rants and use cuss words in FB really need a private Twitter. (Because damn it, they are so annoying, to be honest with you.)

Aside from posting in the FB newsfeed, people had also learned to post in FB stories in which posts disappear after 24 hours.

FB is also the best social media platform to gain lots and lots of engagements! You can go viral in FB anytime if you have posted something interesting, controversial, informative, and on the least part, you have done something stupid. Anything you have posted from other social media platforms can be shared on FB too. FB also became a daily dose of memes! In which people love to see so much due to the humor that it usually gives. There is no day that I do not see memes! Period.

FB is not just a dose of entertainment but is also a huge source of the latest news and happenings, whether local or international.

3. It is useful and convenient

Yes, you have read it right. Facebook is a very useful social media platform. Why is that? People had used FB for different reasons; for educational purposes, for business purposes, for advertising and video marketing, for informing, for an extensive approach, for personal use and many more! You can almost do anything you want from it.

As a “netizen” I have used FB for constant communication, whether to my friends, family, and most of all your long-distant loved ones. When there are projects to be submitted, sometimes it is just sent via FB instead of handling it out to someone personally.

FB became a means of living for other people, it is the site where others promote their stuff. For example, when Katy Perry launched her brand new album “Witness,” she used her FB bot in order to message everyone who followed her (especially who tapped her notifications on) in order to buy or stream it.

In my opinion, Facebook is a very convenient platform because communication is very easy, updating yourself to the latest trends and news is just one swipe up away. It is a very good platform, especially if used in a good way.

To sum it up, Facebook rules the social media world because it affected and changed our lives us so much whether in a positive or in a negative way.

To end this, there are so many things that we can do on FB. We have to admit that most of us, our daily lives have already been chained to it and breaking that chain is so hard. Our worlds have revolved on it, it is actually quite hard to step out from that.

What are your thoughts about “Facebooking?” Do you have something to share? Feel free to drop some comments. (Or perhaps you can share this article on FB too!)