Partaking on the Thanksgiving Day celebration doesn’t keep the American people from becoming even more enthusiastic the day after. Yes, the day following Thanksgiving in U.S.A is Black Friday. Although it wasn’t really declared by the U.S Government as an official holiday, it has already been widely considered as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season since 1952. Right after celebrating Thanksgiving, people crowd themselves in front of retail shops and malls just so they can avail for the promotional sales— and many major retailers find it a strategical move to open their shops significantly much earlier than usual.But why do they call it “Black Friday”?

Isn’t black a symbol of something gloomy?

Contrary to some non-American events that use the same term (like the Black Friday in Christian practices), Black Friday in U.S. refers to something much lively than what the name is usually mistaken for. However, the term didn’t actually bloom from a positive origin.

Denoting Accidents and Violence

Even the famous saying “the more the merrier” couldn’t get away from the importance of moderation. As the crowd of people increase in volume, the risk is also reciprocating such increase. Because of the abnormally high volume of people shopping on that single day, the retailer shops sometimes cannot anymore accommodate the entire crowd-resulting to a fair number of accidents.

The term Black Friday was originally coined by the Philadelphia Police Department to describe the dilemma experienced due to massive traffic jams and uncontrollable congestion of pedestrian, since the shops are being mobbed from very early opening to very late closing.Despite tremendous effort and careful measures to control the crowds of shoppers, it is obviously impossible to avoid accidents and injuries. Stampede is the most common because of people pushing through the sea of shoppers. Violence was also reported during Black Friday, by vicious people who take the overcrowding situation as an opportunity for them to do harm to other people, knowing that it would be harder for the authorities to capture them. Fortunately, there wasn’t any report so far on mass killings during Black Friday.

Redefining Black Friday

paperclips magazine black fridayRetailers are getting sick of hearing lots of negativities from the Police Departments about such a triumphant day of the year. They thought of describing the day in a positive way. But instead of the coinage being changed, they redefined its importance by showing how their financial statements entail the apparent peak of their sales in the graph, where losses are recorded in red ink and profits in black ink. “Black” then, as is redefined by the retailers, refers to stores moving from being dormant in the ordinary days to having more and more sales right after the Thanksgiving Day. And since then Black Friday was considered to be something that has to do with accounting matters— the day of profit for retail businesses.

Black Friday is now one of the busiest days in all of America, as it marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. Now, online shopping has become a big help to lessen the crowds going to the shops. Well, that is something good to hear, but authorities still have to come up with a better solution to control the crowds. Prevention is better than cure. And always will be.