In order to promote her fourth studio album, Katy Perry embarked on Witness Tour (2017-2018) with a total of 115 shows with seven different legs from all over the world. It started September 19, 2017, and is scheduled to conclude in Oceania this coming August 21.

To start this, Katy is always known to step-up her game when it comes to arena tours. Her critically acclaimed Prismatic World Tour (2014-2015) was her most successful tour to date. But with Witness Tour, Katy proved that she can still manage to be on top despite the public and critique backlash that she got during the release of “Witness.” The tour was the most critically acclaimed female tour of 2017 and still manages to be acclaimed this year; also, the tour itself was a major contribution for Katy to be the highest paid female singer of 2018.

Katy never disappoints when her music is transformed into a pop-visuals galore, and always goes all-out in her full-blown theatrical productions.

So why “Witness: The Tour” is a mesmerizing show?

1. Heavy Production

When it comes to heavy production world tours, Katy is really the one that puts her heart and creativity. There are so many elements and visuals of Witness Tour that puts your eyes go pop!

A. Giant eye

The giant eye is the most attention seeker of this tour. It is a massive LED backdrop that is shaped like an eye. The prominent features of this eye are its colorful and strong visuals. In act 1, Perry appears through a giant star that is coming from the center of the eye while performing “Witness.”

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B. Let’s roll the dice

After performing Witness, Perry shows no signs of stopping by performing “Roulette” while a pair of larger than life climbable dices appears on stage. Her backup dancers also appear through the holes of the dice.

Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

C. Moving platforms

To hype the crowd once more, Perry immediately performs her biggest hit in a stunningly red performance of “Dark Horse” while dancing in moving platforms. She does this again while performing “California Gurls” in a retro setting.

Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

D. Left Shark

While in the middle of her “California Gurls” performance, Perry summons her infamous shark from her iconic Super Bowl Halftime Show last February 2015, wherein they do comical skits together.

Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

E. Ethereal

Perry once more proves that she can still melt our hearts while performing her ballad “Thinking of You”, the Billboard chart-topper “Wide Awake”, and her female empowered song “Power” in an ethereal setting. In this, her stage is in a relaxing cosmic setting with all the planets while Perry sings her songs floating above the crowd in a miniaturized Saturn.

Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

F. Swish Swish Bish!

Perry stays winning in her basketball-themed setting for “Swish Swish.”

Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

G. Giant Hand

Perry closes her show with her 4th of July anthem “Firework” in a gigantic hand.

Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

H. Lighting

One of the greatest aspects of this show is its magnificent and well-timed lighting. The lights are built in a way that it fits the mood of the songs that Perry is performing.

I. Bizzare Setting

To make things clearer, the stage set-up of Perry is incredibly unique. The stage is shaped like a crying eye, while the tears are represented through its long and slender runway while the other teardrop (called “dropzone”) is located in the left side. Perry also showcases unusual props like Venus Fly Traps during her “Bon Appétit” performance.

Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

2. Performance

Witness: The Tour may not be the peak of Perry’s career but she proves herself to be a powerful performer through her on-point vocals and dance numbers. Compared to her other performances and arena tours, Witness: The Tour is arguably one of the most polished. It is not just a full blast of vocals, dancing, and production Witness Tour is all about, but it is also a showcase of talent. Perry rocks the stage with her electric and acoustic guitars while playing her songs with mastery.
Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

3. Costume

The show would not be complete without her staggering six costume changes. Perry opens her show in a skin-tight red latex bodysuit for act 1.

Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

Of all her costumes in this show, the most attention-seeking is her LED bra while performing her massive hits such as “Hot n Cold”/”Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)”,”California Gurls,” and “I Kissed a Girl.”

Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

In act 3, Perry performs her Witness tracks; “Déjà Vu” and “Tsunami” in a Burton-esque setting, accompanied immediately with her massive hit E.T. while her male back up dancer is wearing an alien-like costume on stilts.

Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

Perry closes the show while wearing a purple long gown with butterfly sleeves.

Katy Perry's Witness the Tour

4. Interactive

Every time she is on tour, Perry always takes the opportunity to get closer to her fans and Witness Tour is no pushover when it comes to this. While Left Shark is on stage, she also calls someone from the audience to teach her a new language (especially outside America shows) and after that, she rewards them with a selfie. In act 3, after performing “Thinking of You,” Perry descends in the drop zone wherein she calls kids and lets them “wish upon a star.” And finally, Perry challenges her fans through a basketball game in the middle of the performance of “Swish Swish” in which she awards them with a Witness Tour merch and a selfie whether it is a win or lose for the challenger.

So much for Perry’s out of this world show. Witness: The Tour is surely worth the penny and worth the witness.

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