What does the internet do when you say not to watch the last episode of season 2 in 13 Reasons Why? THEY WILL DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE. Yes, I know because I did it also, I was bombarded with all of the articles on my Facebook newsfeed telling me that I have been warned but what did I do? I DID THE EXACT OPPOSITE. It’s not advisable to watch it if you are sensitive or have any form of a heart condition. I had to look away as that was rolling; it totally messed me up.

‘The Bathroom Scene’

Spoilers ahead but this is what happened in that particular scene – a graphic description of sexual assault. Tyler Down, one of the social outcasts of Liberty High had an unexpected encounter with the enraged bully, Montgomery Dela Cruz. Tyler was beaten to the point of unconsciousness. The most gruesome of it all is seeing him being tamed against his will and being sexually assaulted. Tyler was left in tears and filled with blood after that. What was so sad is that he just went to this school program that promises to help him have a ‘better perspective’ in life. But after the bullying, he again became shattered and lifeless.

13 reasons why season 2 finale recap

The violence made him depressed that he wanted to plot revenge and in anger. He did not only want to cast his plans to Montgomery alone but to create chaos in Liberty High. He took his dad’s gun that was kept safely in the basement. The students were enjoying their night in prom, and even the other students in Hannah’s tapes have reconciled and found a moment of peace. But what’s consistent about this show is that the people in this series live in darkness.

When Clay found Tyler carrying a loaded gun, he had to take action and convince him that this isn’t the right thing to do. He got Tyler to surrender the weapon to him and let him took off with Tony to somewhere safe. Then, the police started showing; Clay was nervous as he sees the gun in his hands, he might be blamed for all of this. It is a fact that we are expecting another season from this show but are we all ready to gulp it down?

13 reasons why season 2 finale recap

Why is the bathroom scene the most talked about scene in 13 Reasons Why? Refinery29 had this really good point as to why Tyler being assaulted leads to controversy when two female characters, Jessica Davis and Hannah Baker, are raped in the first season of the series?

Let’s first talk about the dominance that some jocks in these series convey. Popularly referred to as toxic masculinity. Bryce Walker was one of the guys who is the most accurate definition of being a toxic masculine figure: threatening, blackmailing, the cause of fist fights, raping and assaulting women, and more things that he can get away from. The series shows how dangerous these men can be and seems to be limitless of what they can do when being threatened or angered. It is disturbing that the showrunners are daring enough to story tell the gruesome assaults and violence in this show; but the truth is, all in the series can be real-life events. Mass shootings are recently happening in schools, bullying is much more depressing when it happens in social media, and sexual abuse or rape are happening for a very long time.

The second thing to talk about is how unexpected it was for Tyler being treated like that. It was very uncalled for, and it looked like it hurt so much. Montgomery was stupid enough and acted towards his emotion; I think everyone in the audience can’t forgive him anymore. Anyone in their right mind would feel such sympathy towards Tyler.

13 Reasons Why: Good or Bad?

It is challenging to watch. Sometimes the violence can be bearable in the series, but the bathroom scene is one of the reasons why I only want to watch that episode once. The series speaks so much truth about depression, suicide, and bullying, and that’s difficult.

I must say that the sinister deliverance about teenage suicide should not be taken lightly. This series is something that can be a conversation-starter that would also spark relatable topics. I even have this theory that the storyteller is not only hitting just the usual categories of the show. I can also see that every crime has a back-story. You can see the psychology and what the “criminal” is going through in the series.

There are points of the series where you do have to pause and catch a breath. Some people think that it is glorifying suicide and it is dangerous for teens who are undergoing recovery in depression. Putting real-life situations in a 40-minute series may be a lot to swallow for the audience. However, if it is stirring someone’s mind and will let people start talking – now, that is considered as art.