“You are witty in 280 characters or less.”

Aside from Facebook and Instagram, there is also one huge social media platform that everybody loves; it is Twitter. To get this started, Twitter is an online social networking service and news. Through this platform, users can interact and post through what they call “tweets.” It was launched last July 15, 2006 (Twitter just turned 12!) and founded by the following people; Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. As of October 2017, it already has 330 million active users.

why you should use twitter

If you are not a Twitter user and you are wondering what is it good for; in order to make things easier to understand, Twitter is a website where you can share your activity to other people (whether friends or strangers) online, follow your interests, and for conversations. Before then, you can only deliver your tweets with a maximum of 140 characters, but as to the latest updates it has doubled to 280. Compared to other social media sites, the restriction of your posts makes it a very unique platform, therefore; enforcing you to say what you want direct to the point. Twitter is also a very powerful social networking tool for both personal and business use. Aside from that, Twitter is also a very convenient way of sharing other people’s post.

Now that you have read a brief background of Twitter, so why you should use it? Twitter had been with us for more than a decade already, so if you have been rejecting this social media platform out of lack of interest; then I am encouraging you to continue reading this article. Ready?

1. Source of Latest News

As stated, Twitter is a social media site that is meant for online news and as the years had passed it never failed to prove its worth to be a platform for breaking news. All the users need to do is they may probably follow a reputable news network like CNN or New York Times and when these networks launch a new tweet, their followers (the Twitter users following them) can simply retweet it. Through retweeting, it spreads the news faster and may have the tendency to be bigger than the outputs of traditional news outlets. The advantage of Twitter is, the news is usually delivered/tweeted first before launching it to the news outlets. In conclusion, the one that you are reading on Twitter is guaranteed fresh from the oven.

2. Celebrity and Trend Tracker

A huge percentage of celebrities and public figures had been using Twitter too. To name a few, these are the most followed figures on the platform; Katy Perry (most followed of all) has over 107 million followers, Justin Bieber is next with 104 million and Barack Obama with 101 million. With the sheer numbers that they have, they also encounter the most number of engagements.

In general, celebrities use this platform in order to promote themselves or either their latest releases (e.g., new album, fragrance, television show, movie, and etc.) in a faster way. This is also the social media platform wherein they could find it easier to engage with their fans. Truth be told, Twitter is the best social media platform wherein your fave celebrities may have a higher chance of responding to you. Celebrities also grab the opportunity to constantly update their fans of what is going on with them and they also use the platform in order to give back to their die-hard supporters.

Celebrities are known to be trendsetters too, but if you are the type of person who is not so into showbiz stuff; Twitter is still the best way to up to date yourself with the latest trends in art, creative stuff, and many more! It is made possible and easier through the existence of “hashtags,” symbolized by (#). The trends are listed in a manner of assigning a particular subject or topic to a tweet. For example, you tweeted a photo about your summer getaway, you may probably use the hashtags #summer, #vacay, #trip, or if you want to promote some stuff, you may even use the most popular hashtags that are related to the stuff that you are trying to promote to. Hashtags also make it easier for people to find trends and tweets that have specific contents. It also helps in organizing your posts in where you want them to appear.

why you should use twitter

Aside from the trends, Twitter is also a platform for discovering interesting people.

3. Business Growth

The use of Twitter provides an opportunity for innovative people to promote their respective businesses. Aside from hashtags, if you want to promote your stuff; just make sure to make it interesting enough. The retweet function of Twitter can significantly add exposure to your tweet, therefore promoting your business as well. But if you are a newbie to Twitter who is having some high hopes to reach a big audience right away, it is not really an easy thing to do; considering the number of followers you have, you will probably have a hard time in promoting your business.

In order to give some remedy, Twitter also has a feature that gives you the privilege to promote your tweets regardless of the number of followers you have. It may cost you some real transaction, as it deals with payment and your billing information. Do not worry though, Twitter will assure the privacy of your account.

4. Personalization

Twitter is a platform that promotes socialization but it can also be an account of a much more personal side. You can actually set your Twitter into a private account, and when you have finished setting it up that way, you will have the privilege to filter the people whom you want to allow to follow your account. Therefore, your privacy is optimized and you are less prone to cyberbullying.

A lot of Twitter users set their accounts into a private one for many reasons; it could be due to embarrassment, follow control, their “personal diary” and many more. Private Twitter accounts are also perfect for people who are not careful with their tweets, and for the conservative ones.

To end this, your thoughts are pretty in 280 characters or less. Any plans in setting up a Twitter account after reading this article? Drop some comments now!