Writing isn’t a skill you can gain overnight. Sometimes, you have to write for years before you can perfect the art of writing. No matter if you’ve come up with an amazing plot, if you don’t know how to write it well, then it won’t click with your target audience. Thus, doing writing exercises should help you hone your skills. Here are some of the top writing exercises you can do to improve your writing skill.

#1. Dictionary Word

Get a dictionary and randomly flip the pages a couple of times. Stop. Upon stopping, immediately point to a word in the page. Whatever word you’ve pointed to will be the word you’ll write about for your writing exercise.

#2. Dream Destination

Do you have a dream destination you want to go to when you have the chance? Tokyo, Japan. Sydney, Australia. Sahara Dunes, Morocco. Wherever it may be, this dream destination of yours can be a great inspiration for your writing exercise. Pick one destination and write a story with it as a setting.

#3. Pick a Date

Many special holidays mark our calendar. There’s Christmas as well as New Year. There’s Valentines too. These dates can be your prompt to write a better story. Even dates that are special to you, like a wedding anniversary or a death anniversary, should be able to turn the faucet of your creative juices on.

#4. Play Pretend

Do you sometimes wish to become another person? You can make that wish come true through writing. All you have to do is to imagine yourself as someone else. Write a story according to how you imagine living your life as that person.

#5. First of Everything

The story of ‘firsts’ is quite interesting. It can be your first vacation, first hot balloon ride, or even your first kiss. When you recently experience something for the first time in your life, you can immortalize that experience in writing.


Quotes can sometimes trigger your imagination. Whether it be a romantic quote or an inspirational one, sometimes you will end up with a beautiful story just from one quote. Search for some awesome quotes in the Internet to get you going.

#7. Pick a number

Close your eyes and pick a number. Let’s say you’ve chosen the number three. Once you’ve decided on a number, go to your bookshelf and pick the third book on the third shelf. Go to page three and see if you can make a story from the third word in there.

#8. Five Ws

You can actually use the five Ws to create a story. What’s the five Ws? They are ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘where’, ‘when’, and ‘why’. You just need to start with answering these five Ws and you’ll surely have a story to tell.

#9. Fear Factor

The fear factor is one of the strongest motivation for an author to put his or her thoughts on paper. Note your greatest fear and write a story about it. Who knows, your book may be the next grip-lit bestseller in New York Times.

#10. Love Letter

A love letter may be personal but it is actually a good exercise for writing. By pouring your heart out, you can slowly but surely improve your writing skills. Moreover, regardless if you are in love or not, writing a love letter should be easier compared to writing another type of creative.