For most surfers, finding a good spot to surf is the biggest gain they could ever have in their entire lifetime. With the right wind and swell, they can enjoy the most thrilling activity they are passionate about – riding the waves! The adrenaline that comes with surfing on those monster waves cannot compare to any other activity out there.

As a surfer, you don’t want to limit yourself to only one beach. You’d probably want to travel around the world to find the best surfing spot possible. Here are 15 spots that you may want to check out for surfing:

Superbank – Gold Coast, Australia

best surfing spots in the world

Home to the most popular point break around the world – Superbank, Gold Coast, Australia takes pride in its title as a ‘surfer’s paradise’. Its beach is 70km long, which makes it possible to accommodate a great number of local and foreign surfers. The quality of the waves here can include tubes and solid walls.

Not just Superbank, this place has three other amazing point breaks that’ll wreck half-hearted surfers.

Pipeline – Oahu, Hawaii

best surfing spots in the world

If you are looking for the “Big Daddy” of all waves, then better head off to Pipeline. This is located in Oahu, Hawaii. With Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii not only made a name as the progenitor of surfing, it also successfully engraved itself in the surfer’s list of best surfing spots in the United States. Other surfing spots around the world are usually compared to Hawaii, and that’s not surprising considering that this place has been given the thumbs up by most surfers.

Hossegor – France

best surfing spots in the world

Hossegor is known to be the home of some of the wealthiest people around the world. However, for surfers, it is known for only one thing: surfing capital of Europe. Many seasoned professional surfers include Hossegor, France in their bucket list as this surf point can actually rival Hawaii when it comes to the quality of the waves.

Black Beach – San Diego, California

best surfing spots in the world

Seasoned surfers all love Black Beach! Located in San Diego, California, surfers can enjoy the thrill that comes with riding the powerful waves of Black Beach. The best feature of Black Beach is that the wind does not affect the quality of the waves, thus allowing you to surf all you want. Just remember not to bring your newbie surfer friend to Black Beach as the waves aren’t really friendly to beginners.

Cloudbreak – Tavarua Island, Fiji

best surfing spots in the world

Fiji, a heart-shaped island, is another spot best for surfing. While there are points that are suitable for beginners, Cloudbreak is specifically for hardcore surfers only. The waves at Cloudbreak can go as high as 1600 meters. Such a height is definitely not suitable for those who are still in the beginning stages of learning how to surf.

White Beach – Okinawa, Japan

best surfing spots in the world

Japan has quite a number of people who love surfing. This is especially true in Okinawa where their east coastline faces the great Pacific Ocean and the west faces the East China Sea. The waves at Okinawa, Japan are quite gentle so it is the perfect spot for those who want to learn how to surf. The Aha-Yoko and Suicide Cliff points are also available for veteran surfers.

Cloud Nine – Siargao, Philippines

best surfing spots in the world

Surfing is already growing in popularity in the Philippines nowadays. Thus, it is only natural that there are hidden surfing wonders in this archipelago that are yet to be discovered. One of those surfing spots though that has already received recognition from surfers around the world is Cloud Nine. This creates the perfect monster waves that will satisfy daredevil surfers.

Praia do Norte – Nazaré, Portugal

best surfing spots in the world

The giant breaking waves of Praia do Norte made Nazaré, Portugal a favorite surfing spot by most active surfers. In fact, it is the waves of this place that allowed Rodrigo Koxa to bag the Guinness Record for the biggest wave ever surfed. The previous record holder, Garrett McNamara, also surfed here when he obtained his record.

Lima, Peru

best surfing spots in the world

Regardless of your surfing skills level, heading off to Lima, Peru for a surfing experience is highly recommended. This is also one of the best spots for surfing, especially since it accommodates both beginners and experts alike. Peru’s 1500km coastline allows the waves to break into small, medium, and large. So if you are an expert surfer and your girlfriend who’s a beginner at surfing wants to tag along, just go to Lima.


best surfing spots in the world

Brazil is definitely the surfing haven for surfers. After all, this country doesn’t only have one surfing spot. Surfers like the world-class surfing spots in Brazil, including Santa Catarina, Praia Mole, Joaquina Beach, Lagoinha do Leste, and Campeche.

These are just ten of the best surfing spots worth visiting for surfers. Of course, only try surfing the waves at these place when you know you are capable of beating those monsters. Always keep safety in mind even when you are being a daredevil.